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Boss Music Review

Boss Music Review
Nagarjuna, Nayantra, Poonam Bajwa
D.Shiva Prasad Reddy
Kalyani Malik
It has 'melody' with a 'mass' beat
IndiaGlitz [Tuesday, September 5, 2006 • తెలుగు] Comments

Directed by VN Aditya and produced by D Sivaprasad Reddy on the banner Sri Kamakshi Movies with Akkineni Nagarjuna, Nayanatra and Poonam Bajwa is all set for release on September 27.

The audio was released recently and the songs had melody with a mass beat. Kalyani Malik who provided music for the tunes kept in mind that he is doing a film for Nagarjuna and that worked wonders. The is providing the facility of digital audio download right at your desktop. Enjoy the music.

1. Nachindhi Chesey.   Singer: Hema Chandra  Lyric writer: Chandrabose

The song has some message to the society in general and has a mass beat. Moreover Kalyani Malik gave a melodious touch to suit Nagarjuna style. With the perfect use of drum beat, the lyric had a fantastic tune giving good scope for the choreographers in tuning perfect steps for the hero and other co-stars / junior artistes. Especially, the writer wanted to hit the youth straight with his lyric saying that the world is in their hands and it is for them to mould their path in a chosen way.

2. Yedho Thamashagaa.   Singers: Nihal, Sunitha  Lyric writer: Sahithi
Sunitha, the versatile artiste, who could sing, dub the voice of other heroines and do anchoring, rendered the song in a husky voice with Nihal. However, the tune reminds us of old commercial Telugu film songs to some extent. But the mellifluous voice of Sunitha take the audiences to places, and the drum beat in the middle song gives us a hint that it was shot in a huge and specially erected set. The audiences had to wait and watch till September 27 for a feast to their eyes.

3. Naa Kallu Vaale.   Singers: Tippu, Sunitha and Sumangali  Lyric writer: Chandrabose

This lyric was tuned in a folk backdrop. Tippu, Sunitha and Sumangali lent their voices for this song. Though the song is good to listen, it may not attract the audience's attention for repeat hearing, as it has neither a mass beat nor foot-tapping rhythm. The song is tuned in an average way. The movement of the lyric is also not that fast and looked like a question and answer session.

4. Hello Baasu.   Singers: Tippu and Gayatri  Lyric writer: Sahithi

The song is like a teasing lyric. Kalyani Malik gave a different feel while tuning the song. Especially the humming, with English and Hindi verses in the middle had really boosted the spirits among the youth. It is not known why a talented music director like Kalyani Malik again treads the path of old commercial mass masala film tune. However, the song has some novelty as far as music is concerned.

5. Veluthunna.   Singers: Kay Kay and Sunith  Lyric writer: Chandrabose

This is a melody based song. Kalyani Malik tuned the song in a soft way, while Kay Kay and Sunitha's voice were quite in sync with the music and the mood of the film. Especially the use of violin improved the mood in the song. It looked that the song is a situational song and one of the heroine is getting separated from the hero as a sacrifice, while the hero is getting united with another heroine.

6. Anaganagaa.   Singers: Kay Kay and Sunitha  Lyric writer: Chandrabose

This is also melody based tune. The song rendered by Kay Kay and Sunitha are quite melodious and is foot tapping. Even the literature in the lyric is also good. Especially, the song's note starts on the mode of rendering a story by Telugu people, saying 'Anaganagaa.' Kalyani Malik's favorite rhythm could be heard in this tune. The use of bass music in the interludes also gave a good facelift to the entire song.<