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Bose Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, October 15, 2004 • Tamil ]
Bose Review
Sri Mahalakshmi combines
Srikanth, Sneha
Senthil Kumar
Yuvan Shankar Raja

There is a misconception that action films are just about that --- actions, that is--- and little else. But a good action movie is one that also tells you a story ---like Sathya, Kurudhi Punal did.

Bose also tries to build a tale, but it is sometimes too tacky to sound convincing. Yet, the film is saved through the commitment and involvement of hero Srikanth and also by some nifty acting by the villain Kalabhavan Mani.

Bose, the eponymous hero (Srikanth) is a commando in the army. When a Union Minister (Kalbhavan Mani) is kidnapped by terrorists, Bose goes on a daring rescue operation and manages to pull it off. And that is enough for the Minister to have him as his personal security guard.

Up close with the Minister, Bose gets to know his other (real) side. When the Minister tries to misbehave with a college girl (Sneha) in Delhi, Bose rises up in anger. In trying to save her, he ends up shooting the Minister. Though he escapes with some injuries, the Minister gets Bose sacked from the Army.

Distraught  and disconsolate, Bose lands in Chennai and meets the girl he saved in Chennai (She is a student in Kalashektra). Upon meeting her, the duo the natural thing ---fall in love.

But they have the villain's goons on their track. The Minister is waiting for revenge. After some fights, the Minister's men bump off Bose's father (Manickam Vinayakam) and kidnap his family members and his ladylove.

But by then, Bose also stumbles upon the links of the venal Minister with terrorist outfits (the first kidnapping itself was a stage-managed one to win voters' sympathy), so he goes on a fight to finish.

And finally all is well and Bose is also reinstated in the Army.

The action sequences have been painstakingly canned. It is obvious that Srikanth has trained hard for this role. The rescue operations (Peter Hayen's) have a touch of realism to it and manages to keep your interest alive.

For Srikanth this is a different kind of role. Though he has been in action flicks like Jhoot and Varnajalam before, Bose seems to have brought the best out of him. His dialogue delivery still cries for improvement (many dialogues are incomprehensible). Yet, he has worked manfully as the honest and straight-as-a-ramrod commando. He manages to bring forth the macho robustness needed for the character. He also appears cute alongside Sneha who is bubbly all through. She also appears glamorous in a couple of outfits.

Kalabhavan Mani as the scheming Minister is his usual over-the-top boisterous self. He is comical at times, but provides life to the character and the film.

Yuvan Shankar Raja's tunes are soothing but don't make any great impact. Peter Hayen's stunts with excellent cinematography by Vijay Milton add strength to the movie.

Director Senthilkumar manages to hold your interest for most part. But lets slip his guard towards the end and the climax peters on predictability.

All told, Bose is a fighter. But it remains to be seen how it fights in the box office.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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