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Bommarillu Music Review

Bommarillu Music Review
Siddharth, Genelia
Dil Raju
Devi Sri Prasad
Fun and fast
IndiaGlitz [Friday, July 28, 2006 • తెలుగు] Comments

Siddharth is one lucky actor that whatever fate his films might have faced, the songs in them have been top rate.

So, with high expectations that one reaches for Bommarillu's audio. And it is also from Devi Sri Prasad, back in form and fettle.

So what you have? A mixed fare. There are certainly moments of brilliance and melody. But it is also interspersed with average and predictable mass beats.

We Have A Romeo

A rappy and energetic start. It is straight from the disco songs manual. The beats, though lively, are not the most original. The interludes and the alap kind of effect midway are interesting.  There are all the attractions for the youth crowd. Andrea sings in a typical, affected manner. But next time, you hear someone singing Telugu lyrics in affected English style, then reach for your pistols. Gawd, give us a break.

Bommani Geesthe

It is a quaint and quite folksy start. Something that Devi Sri Prasad hardly ever tries in recent times. After you listen to this, you would want him to try something similar again and again. His instrumentation, especially the violin ensemble, is in one word superb. The singing too is restrained and cute. All melodies are simple and attractive. This one sure is.

Kaani Ippudu

Devi Sri Prasad reverts to normal service. It is vintage DSP. He reworks his own cliches. The youngsters are going to love this. It is all fun and frolic. The beats are lively and energetic. Originality? They don't think about these things when dancing on the floor.

Laloo Darvaja

A kind of theme song --- the film's tag line Love makes life beautiful is warbled in the background. But it is otherwise a typical mass song --- Punjabi rhythms, mixed lyrics, the fast-paced strums. But again, the energy stands out.

Maatalto Swaraale

Melody can never bore you. Pranavi's voice too can never as it is full of sugary sweetness. The music director chooses a simple and elegant background while he lets the voice of the singer take over.

Nammaka Thappani

The pangs of love come through with all its poignant power. Devi Sri Prasad dusts out one of his earlier numbers. But all the same, haunting humming in the backdrop, give the song an agreeable lilt. Will work, especially when you listen on lonely, rainy nights.

Appudo Ippudo

Siddharth packs lot of energy in his acting. He does so in his singing. This fun song with all the right elements to back it, has Siddharth delivering it in high-pitched warble. His voice has an attractive mix of youthfulness and innocence. Full of zingy beats and lively instrumentation. You will enjoy it despite the absolute predictability. The violin rendition of the film's theme in between is very beautiful. A good one in the album.

On the whole, Bommarillu reflects what life is --- fun, mediocrity and inspired moments.