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Bluffmaster Music Review

Bluffmaster Music Review
R S EntertainmentEntertainment One
Abhishek Bachchan, Ritesh Deshmukh, Priyanka Chopra, Nana Patekar
Rohan Sippy
Ramesh Sippy
Too experimental
Saturday, November 19, 2005 • Hindi Comments

Anant Mahadevan did it in his debut film 'Dil Vil Pyaar Vyaar' when he paid homage to R.D.Burman by incorporating the cover versions of his evergreen classics in the movie. In 'Bluffmaster', director Rohan Sippy too pays homage to yesteryear's classic by retaining the original voices but instead presenting the tracks as remixes. Also, instead of having en entire album cut out with only remixes, there are also tracks from some international artists that have been included. This kind of arrangement is normally seen in offbeat/crossover movies like 'Snip', 'Hyderabad Blues', 'Where Is The Party Yaar', '99.9 FM' and many more. It is for the first time that an album for a commercial movie starring mainstream actors like Abhishek Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra, Nana Patekar and Riteish Deshmukh has such a compilation of tracks. With eyes set at urban market and international audience, 'Bluffmaster' has 13 tracks in all.

1) Sabse Bada Rupaiyya [Trickbaby]

Opening number of the album 'Sabse Bada Rupaiyya' sets the tone for the theme of the movie that revolves around the life of a conman [played by Abhishek Bachchan]. With a theme of money being a driver for everything in life, Mehmood's rendition has been remixed by international band Trickbaby to come up with a version that resembles a French musical setting. Innovative sets, great costumes, high-tech rhythm, groovy beats and a lot of attitude make you sing this highly popular number from the 70s all over again.

2) Say Na Say Na [Aneela, Robert Uhlmann, Arash]

This is a Punjabi celebration track with a difference as it has an international feel to it rather than being 'desi'. If you have been to up-market pubs and discotheques, chances are high that you would have heard a racy track like this. Wonderfully orchestrated, one feels disappointed when this peppy number ends in 3 minutes flat as 'ye dil maange more'! This is why you end up hearing this naughty track again and again.

3) Tadbeer Se Bigdi Hui Taqdeer (Destiny Mix) [Sameeruddin]

The song starts with a conman giving a lesson to his disciple about the way a con job is executed. Soon the 'Destiny Mix' of yesteryear classic 'Tadbeer Se Bigdi Hui' [Baazi] begins that has a kind of remix that enhances the song further rather than taking anything away from the oldie. Geeta Dutt's voice mesmerizes even today and the song continues in a fashion as if there would be some secrets unfolding round the corner. This is one of THE best remixes to have been heard in recent years. Great job Sameeruddin! No doubt, this version would be heard in lounges very soon!

4) Right Here Right Now [Vishal Shekhar]

Rhythm divine continues with 'Right Here Right Now' that is prominently a Hindi song with some lyrics intermittently in English. Surprise surprise - because this time around it is Abhishek Bachchan who catches the fancy to turn into playback singing and comes up with a fine rendition. He sings at a low bass and though there are not too many variations in the way he pitches the song [was it intentional?], he makes it a point that his effort doesn't go in vain. A song that cannot be termed as a classic love song, it is haunting with Sunidhi Chauhan giving great support to Abhishek. Some good picturisation of the music video of this number (that also appears as a remix) and it could scale up to some level!

5) 9 Parts Of Desire [Trickbaby]

This is the first track in the album that makes you wonder how it would be incorporated in the movie. Either the track may make a brief appearance as a part of the background score or just be used as a part of the album to enhance its prospects. This song from the Trickbaby's album 'Hanging Around' is for niche urban audience or NRIs and would appeal only to those due to its theme and