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Black Cat Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, October 18, 2007 • Malayalam ]
Black Cat Review
Suresh Gopi, Meena, Karthika, Indrans, Harishree Ashokan, Nedumudi Venu

For those who are  familiar with  Suresh Gopi's  movies, nothing comes as a surprise anymore after his last - `Kichamani', which made him to go to any extent to create a few giggles...And - for others who had only seen the best from him, the transition jumps that his characters in films creates can cause the jaw to drop. But here, he is in the company of Vinayan whose films always carry a catchword of being different. He had in his former attempts tried weird ways to look different too.

Now in his new film 'Black Cat', his main object of difference is Suresh Gopi who is presented in a logic-defying dark makeup with shoulder length mane. He is 'Black' in the film, fond of wearing black attires, and popular among the fishermen community of the area as the Henchmen of local rich boss, Tharakan, who runs big business along the shores. Black who speaks childishly has a group of friends among the children and grownups like Ceasor and Washington, who often pressurize him to dot Blessy the only daughter of Tharakan.

The story takes a different turn with the arrival of Dr .Meenakshi who is on a trip to have some studies from world famous Ayurveda Acharya, Moosath. And in the welcome party lavishly organized by Tharakan she notices Black, who reminds her of her old love Ramesh Sharma, who was the city commissioner of police in Mumbai and was missing for ten years. Ramesh who was an honest cop was last seen fighting against the Mumbai mayor Prabhul Kumar and similar mighty persons as he got evidence against them for creating bomb blasts in the city.

Meenakshi began to follow Black and shoots him on her camcorder and tries to know about his whereabouts. Black's father Pathrose and the people nearby couldn't give her any clue of any similarities and finally Meenakshi brings black to the Ayurveda physician who starts treating him for memory loss. What is the mystery of Black? The answers will give you the basic plot of Black Cat, which reminds of the films of the late eighties in Bollywood. This is another attempt by Vinayan to create a hit against his name, which has been evading him for the last couple of years.

The film has a slick story line and interesting dialogues which propel the movie in a single breath all along the two and half hours.  Its story works because the writer packs his screenplay with clever lines that make audiences giggle. But what the film doesn't have is logic, which is seen all through the narratives.

Suresh Gopi overacts in the first few sequences, before settling down on the character. The two lead ladies Meena as Meenaksi and Karthika as Blessy don't have much to do. But it is Rajan P Dev who appears as Tharakan Muthalali who steals the show with the typical coastal accent and maneuvers. He is ably supported in comic departments by Indrans, Harishree Ashokan and Co. Nedumudi as Pathrose and Thilakan as Moosath also give in some mentionable performances.

The film has three songs set to music by M Jayachandran and Alphonse, the pick among them being 'Aatmavin Kaavil'. The Hindi song in the film is also an enjoyable stuff. Venugopalan behind the camera and G Murali in the editing help Vinayan to keep the tempo of the movie with better visuals and slick cuts.

Altogether, this movie for the die hard fans of the star who will applaud all through the formula stuff. Others too won't find it too difficult to digest, if you can put away your logical brains for quite some time.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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