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Bhagyanagara Veedhullo Gammathu Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, December 6, 2019 • Telugu ]
Bhagyanagara Veedhullo Gammathu Review
Srinivasa Reddy, Shakalaka Shankar, Satya
Y Srinivas Reddy
Saketh Komanduri

'Bhagyanagara Veedullo Gammathu' hit the screens this Friday.  Here is our review of the comedy entertainer.


A drug-peddling gang, involving a celebrity, is chasing an investigative journalist who has been turned insane by a drug inducing delirium.  This is when she crosses paths with three jobless youngsters (Srinivas Reddy, Shakalaka Shankar, and Satya) who get her introduced to a short filmmaker (Raghu Babu).  

When ACP Swatantra Kumar (Vennela Kishore) comes to know of a red vintage car holding a clue to the drug racket, he embarks on a mission to catch it before time runs out.

Meanwhile, the three jobless youngsters have to find their lottery ticket to encash Rs 2 Cr.


'Bhagyanagara Veedullo Gammathu' is not a film.  It's a series of bland TikTok videos.  Only that the videos are no better than the ones done by amateurs.  Some amateurs do a fabulous job on TikTok, whereas a bevy of comedians who are part of the film's never-ending list of actors fail to hold.

Director Srinivas Reddy, who also plays one of the lead characters, obsesses himself with too many pop culture references at the drop of a hat.  So much so, in one scene, a 'Vasantha Kokila' TikTok moment quickly and randomly changes into a Shah Rukh Khan song!  Like for no reason.

Jhansi plays a character parodying Roja.  'Brathuku Jhatkabandi' becomes 'Brathuku Yedlabandi'.  This scene goes on and on, taking peculiar forms.  At one point, Shakalaka Shankar threatens a woman of dire consequences if she doesn't marry him.  All in the name of humour.

Sathyam Rajesh as a parasite faking poverty was just not needed.  Hyper Adhi's Operation Garuda Vega (spoofing Shivaji's Operation Garuda) is forced.

Low-end humour is in your face in the movie.  The lead men get flirtatious with a servant maid, the very few female characters receive a shoddy depiction.  Two siblings have a comical fight over the death of their funny dad.  Even potentially good ideas are cheapened.

Had there been clever enough story-telling, we would have been spared at least five unnecessary scenes.  In their place, some earnest moments should have been there.  The three lead men never behave like something is at stake.  How can the audience take their story seriously?

As for performances, everybody chips in with mediocre performances without exception.  What is strange is that Vennela Kishore is portrayed as a heroic cop worthy only of sycophancy.  Bit actors like Mahesh Vitta and Chammak Chandra are a let down.

Saketh's music doesn't make much of an impact.  The cinematography doesn't capture Hyderabad well.


The film plays out like a raft of pointless and random TikTok videos.  Confusing screenplay only complicates the matters. A forgettable attempt.

Rating: 2 / 5.0

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