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Bhadra Music Review

Bhadra Music Review
Ravi Teja, Meera Jasmine, Prakash Raj
Boyapati Srinu
Dil Raju
Devi Sri Prasad
Rhythm, little else
IndiaGlitz [Thursday, May 12, 2005 • తెలుగు] Comments

Devi Sri Prasad and Ravi Teja both have one common thing --- they have a mass appeal.

Another common feature is Ravi Teja is coming through a mid-career crisis. Devi Sri Prasad is just out of some self-induced contretemps.

In the event, they have a lot at stake in Bhadra. But the songs seem to have a single purpose --- to give room for some mass dances.

1) Evure Chinadana

The song starts energetically with all guns, all instruments, blazing. Both Tippu and Kalpana, the singers, go for the higher ranges straight away. With Punjabi heavy beats, the song falls into a comatose rhythm and never really recovers.

2) Just Do It

The moment you hear the electronic guitar being whipped into strange musical patters. The number, sung by Thanvi and Tippu, does have an appealing ring (in terms of rhythm). But it stops with that as the musical experimentation does not allow the song to settle into a pattern. The Just Do It, iconic mantra of the new generation, may strike a ring with the youths.

3) Sa Sa Sye

Karthik and Chitra, both talented crooners, seem to be under utilized in this typical tune. To be sure, the instrumentation is grand and almost inspired in some places. But making Chitra sing in an uncomfortable high pitch, Devi Sri Prasad does his good work. But both Chitra and Karthik, as usual, try their best to lift the number from the morass of mediocrity.

4) Nuvvu Naaku Manasiste

This is another strong rhythm based song. But in the context of the album, it is slightly muted and Mallikarjun and Sumangali are full of robust energy. Yet, they identify the soft spots in the tune and highlight it with some thoughtful song.

5) Thirumalavasa

This is almost soothing as if your mother is putting you to sleep on a warm afternoon. It is a simple straightforward melody.

6) O Manasa O Manasa

Ravi Verma has a simple and uncomplicated style of singing (though in higher pitches he seems to strain a bit). But Devi Sri Prasad in this romantic pathos number puts him to good use. Devi Sri Prasad has played well within himself and it has helped salvaged this number.

On the whole Devi Sri Prasad has done what he is good at --- giving rambunctious tunes. It is now to be seen whether it fits in with the movie.