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Bhaag Saale Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, July 7, 2023 • Telugu ]
Bhaag Saale Review
Sri Simha Koduri and Neha Solanki, Rajeev Kanakala, John Vijay, Varshini Sounderajan, Nandini Rai, Viva Harsha
Praneeth Bramandapally
Arjun Dasyan, Yash Rangineni, Singanamala Kalyan
Kaala Bhairava

Bhaag Saale Movie Review

MM Keeravaani's son, Simha Koduri is trying his luck once again as a hero with the film Bhaag Saale. The film has hit the screens today and read our review here.


Arjun(Simha Koduri) is a chef by profession and is in a plan to marry a rich girl named Maya(Neha Solanki). On the other hand, a very prestigious ring is lost and a gang headed by John Vijay is after it. In a crazy turnaround of events the hero Arjun also gets entangled in the set up and this creates a new crime comedy. What is the story of the ring? and what issues does the hero face and how he comes out of it is the basic story of Bhaag Saale.


Bhaag Saale is a crime comedy that has a regular setup of an expensive ring that goes missing and varied characters are after it. Simha Koduri plays the main lead and he is the one who takes the story forward through his eyes. The manner in which the ring goes missing has been showcased in an interesting manner.

Bhaag Saale Movie Review

Also, the manner in which the crime drama featuring different stories are entangled is nice in the film. The comedy in various scenes evokes decent laughs. But one of the most biggest drawback is that the film lacks basic seriousness. Right from the beginning the villain angle is made to look silly and this dilutes the flow of the film.

John Vijay irritates in his don's role and it was good to see Viva Harsha take center stage and handle the situation otherwise things would have been even worse. Simha Koduri is improving with each passing film. He has done well in his role which has a slight negative shades. Comedian Satya once again gives a solid performance as Promise Reddy and he enters the scene at the last fifteen minutes and handles the show in a good way.

Neha Solanki is nice in her role and so was Sudarshan. Rajeev Kanakala plays a key role and he is nice as a stingy person. Music by Kaala Bahairava is decent and so was his background score. The dialogues are hilarious and so was the entire set up. Viva Harsha is amazing in his role.

The camera work and production values of the film are pretty decent. The second half should have been trimmed a bit to make the proceedings breezy and had some seriousness in the plot with a few interesting twists the output would have been even better.

Bhaag Saale Movie Review

Bhaag Saale is a crime comedy which does not follow the logic and showcases over the top comedy. There will be only a few who will like it. The performances are good and the comedy clicks in places. If the director Pradeep would have made the film engaging right from the first half, things would have been even better. But that does not happen and the film gets dragged in many areas.


Overall, Bhaag Saaale is a crime comedy which works only in parts. The comedy is good but the thrills do not work that great. If you like loud crime comedies give this film a shot but there is nothing great that the film showcases.

Rating: 2.5 / 5.0

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