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Bedurulanka 2012 Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, August 25, 2023 • മലയാളം ]
Bedurulanka 2012 Review
Loukya Entertainments
Kartikeya, Neha Sshetty, Ajay Ghosh, Satya, Raj Kumar Kasireddy, Srikanth Ayyengar, 'Auto' Ram Prasad
Ravindra Benerjee Muppaneni
Mani Sharma

Bedurulanka 2012 Movie Review

Bedurulanka 2012 is one film that has been promoted a lot in the last few days. The comedy caper has been released today and read our review to know if the film lives up to all the hype or not.


Welcome to the whimsical village of Bedurulanka, where the residents are consumed by an irrational dread that the year 2012 will spell the end of the world. Seizing upon this atmosphere of apprehension, the village leader, portrayed by Ajay Ghosh, concocts a cunning scheme involving two fraudulent godmen. Their nefarious plan aims to exploit the villagers' fears and purloin their prized jewelry. However, a spirited young villager named Siva (Karthikeya) takes a stand against this deceitful ruse and breaks the myth.

Bedurulanka 2012 Movie Review


Set against the backdrop of the fictitious village, "Bedurulanka 2012" delves into the art of manipulation by fraudulent godmen. This theme is artfully interwoven throughout the narrative. Guided by director Clax, the film strikes a delicate balance between comedy and characters rooted in their beliefs. The performances of the ensemble cast elevate the film to new heights.

However, the film stumbles in its initial half-hour, struggling to captivate the audience. The concept of the impending 2012 catastrophe and its repercussions on the villagers lacks the necessary exposition. The director spends excessive time delving into religious intricacies, slightly impeding the film's pacing. The potential for a captivating love story remains largely untapped, contributing to a lackluster start that might alienate viewers.

The film boasts a constellation of remarkable performances, with Karthikeya at the forefront. As the skeptic who refuses to bow to apocalyptic fears, he delivers a compelling portrayal. His on-screen charisma and impeccable dialogue delivery hold the audience captive. Neha Shetty shines in her portrayal of a rustic village belle, infusing her character with authenticity. Ajay Ghosh commands the screen as the primary antagonist, delivering an uproarious performance marked by impeccable dialogue delivery and exceptional chemistry with Srikanth Iyengar.

Bedurulanka 2012 Movie Review

The cinematography is a visual treat, encapsulating the picturesque village and its unique ambiance. The production design astounds, meticulously recreating a bygone era. The dialogues provide comic relief, and Mani Sharma's musical compositions are a standout feature. While the background score enhances the film's impact, some improvements could be made in the editing of the initial half-hour.

Nonetheless, the narrative takes a captivating turn when Ajay Ghosh and Srikanth Iyengar unveil their master plan. The entrance of Satya in the second half injects fresh dynamism. The hero's skill in inciting panic among the villagers is depicted with finesse. The film concludes with a poignant message and leaves the audience with a smile at the end.


Bedurulanka 2012 has a fresh story and solid performances. The comedy is very good in the second half. But to enjoy this, you have to sit through the boring first half. If you do this, the film will entertain you in the latter part.

Rating: 2.75 / 5.0

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