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Barfi Music Review

Barfi Music Review
Chaturthi Creators
Diganth, Bhama, Sudha Belawadi, Jai Jagadish, Samyuktha, Dilipraj, Pavitra Lokesh, Lakshmi Gowda, Suchindra Prasad, Harish Raj, Kuru Pratap, Shanthamma and others.
KM Shanker
Arjun Janya
Sweet & Sensible songs
Thursday, May 23, 2013 • Kannada Comments


Well done Arjun Janya and `Barfi' (starring Diganth, Bhama in lead roles in the direction of Shekar for producer KM Shanker) should have been your 25th film declaration instead of `Case No.18/9'. The reason behind this is `Barfi' is an original film and not a remake. Yet the songs are well composed and soothing to the ears. One plain comment on Arjun Janya music is that the beat sounds of instruments at places could have been toned because `Barfi' is worth a melody album in the cupboard.

When Anand Audio is picking up this album for marketing the surety is that at least three songs are worth hearing again and again. In this album of seven songs five are above standard.

The first song is a good invitation to melody lovers. O Mahiyaave.Listen here .Aa jana...Hrudayadi moodiruva Ninada. Kanasali...Manasige kelisali.a very melodious song from Sonu Nigam and Shreya Goshal.  The romantic soothe song sets a mood that is of course expected one goes by the lyrics of this song penned by Jayanth Kaikini.

Eno Onthara. Listen here.sung by Arjun Janya begins with good beats. This song is an address to the love obviously. Eno Onthara.Ninna Sundara Nina Kandu Innu rhythmic. The mix of western beats and voice gives new feel and melody is intact. Ghouse Peer young writer in Kannada filmdom gives good words in the lines. The young ones who have fallen in love could easily pick to keep the mood floating.

Kannalli Kannittu.Listen here ..another one from Sonu Nigam and Shreya Goshal begins with a humming. Kannalli Kannidu Kaiyalli Kaidi.Sanihave a well rendered and written song that is once again for the lovely pair on silver screen of `Barfi' Kannada cinema. The use of guitar and flute is apt at places. Shreya Goshal saying Innenu Helabeda Bidu Innenu Kelabida Bidu Nee Nanna immense extension of love. Kaviraj does a good job.

Yaare Yaare.Listen here ..Neenu a superb haunting song. The high and low pitch plus casual way of Sonu Nigam is impeccable. The western beats could have been brought to the medium level. Munjane Manju Neenu.Impada Raaga Nee Tampada Baava Neenu..Mai Mareso Malebillu Nee..Oh what a way to describe the love - Ghouse Peer gives a good number for lovers, in this way the description is given the girls would definitely fall in love and become flat. This is a pakka `Romeo' song.

Onde Samane Yee Saniha Onde Samane Yee Viraha.Listen here .by Vijayaprakash is a typical party song. This is a song mixed with anguish and deep feelings. Raghavendra Kamath is the lyricist. How should I stay without you? You follow like a shadow says the heart feelings of the protagonist. This is set in the missing of the lover by the protagonist.

The opening tune of this song appears to be familiar. Baaro Baaro.Listen here omme kanna Mundhe Naa kadhu Kadhu Sothu Onti it is the turn of female in the film to express her heart feelings. Anuradha Bhat creates magic from her lovely voice. There is a feeling and understanding of the lyrics by Kannada singers obviously brings feel. Every word the singer understood and then rendered. That is why this song becomes significant. Especially when the singer is rendering the line Jeeva Thaiyuthalide ninna daari kayuthalide..Kadhu Kadhu Sothu Onti Yaade..Although the song is sorrow it has the strength of melody and able to live long. Kudos to lyricist Hrudayashiva...has he fallen in love and received `Dhoka'?

Kaage Kannu.Listen here goobe kannu yaara kannu ninna mele bilabaradu. that is from the pages of literature in Kannada is also used in the tradition houses while warding off ill effects on a person. This is penned by lyricist Bahuhali. Khailash Kher in his voice appeals and this is a party song.

Worth buying `Barfi' audio CD to your cupboards!