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Barfi Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, August 31, 2013 • Kannada ]
Barfi Review
Chaturthi Creators
Diganth, Bhama, Sudha Belawadi, Jai Jagadish, Samyuktha, Dilipraj, Pavitra Lokesh, Lakshmi Gowda, Suchindra Prasad, Harish Raj, Kuru Pratap, Shanthamma and others.
KM Shanker
Arjun Janya


Like the banner name of this film `Chaturthi Creators' - at least four twists appear before the film wind up on silver screen with no answer to terrorism playing havoc.

Director Shekar is far better compared to his previous two films `Amrutha Vani and Parole'. He knows how to hold the attention but in the meantime misses logic. In the selection of music, cinematography, performers for the film and locations it is a mass treat from `Barfi' - The ground nut `Barfi' turns out to be `Khaaju Barfi' when the location shifts to Punjab and its surroundings.

The wait for love, concern of parents, friends support, sincerity at work despite of deep love, the terrorism affecting the social life, innocence in lovers, sacrifice of a colleague - all rolled in the beautiful music and cinematography of this `Barfi'.

The flash back narration technique is fit for the present day standards. Everything should not be given straight and it should be fed in reverse angle is what director adopts and convinces at many places. The only question arises is that when the match of Santosh and Kushi is so apt why did they not attach photographs?

Santosh (Diganth) wins the laurels in his office for presenting a project to supply laptop for Rs.1500 to nook and corner of the nation. He is double thrilled when he finds the perfect match for him in the internet in one of the marriage websites. The date of birth, likes and dislikes of Santosh and Kushi are similar. Santosh is living in Bangalore but Kushi (Bhama) is in Amritsar. At the interval point the time and date is fixed for meeting. Accordingly Santosh goes two days before his journey to USA for one month to Amritsar to meet Kushi. The internet chatting also happens but the main set back is delay in meeting due to bomb attack in Amritsar. Kushi and Santosh meet is delayed and our hero's battery going low is addition problem.

After meeting of two cultures too the happy days are ahead one would feel but it is not so. What is that significant takes place you have to watch it on silver screen! You don't get the experience of munching `Barfi'. In fact female protagonist in the dialogue says `I want to die happily' - destiny is different. A dog in the film to the company of Diganth compelling for something when it is time to leave for protagonist indicates its affection.

Diganth looks very handsome and in this the costume selection, hair style changing quite often, dialogue delivery, dancing ability and his romantic moods are sure to attract the younger generation.  You feel like inviting Bhama to your house - she is so sweet on the screen. Anchor Anupama voice for Bhama is so fitting and sweet.

Suchindra Prasad gritty performance, Lakshmi Gowda looks, Dilip Raj Hindi dialogues - Kamangi ka Mathlab Gentleman, Sudha Belawadi concern, Pavitra Lokesh grand look all add up to the cinema.

It is a stiff competition between Arjun Janya and cameraman Gundulpet Suresh in giving best. Both are more than satisfactory.

Arjun Janya melody songs - Kannale Kannidu..Yaare Yaare Yaare Neenu. O Mahiyave..Eno Onthara.are well composed. The editing for the songs especially and locations selected are superb.

There are many reasons to watch this film once.

Score - 7/10 



Rating: 0 / 5.0

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