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Bahumathi Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, July 2, 2007 • తెలుగు ]
Bahumathi Review
R.R. Movie Makers
Venu, Sangeetha, Shabna Khan, Bramhanandam, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Ali, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Sunil, Krishna Bhagawan
S.V.Krishna Reddy
K.Achi Reddy, Venkat
S.V.Krishna Reddy

At a time when all the audiences are coming to a conclusion that SV Krishna Reddy's magic is waning with no notable hits to his credit, he gave a fitting reply in the form of 'Bahumati'. Another speciality is that the film is the hattrick hit for producer Venkat on the banner of RR Movie Makers. After the success of 'Samanyudu' and 'Gundammagari Manavadu', his film Bahumati under the direction of SV Krishna Reddy was yet another hit film from the production house. The entire film was in the true style of SV Krishna Reddy. Sangeetha gave an excellent performance on the lines of Amani in 'Subha Lagnam'. It is rumoured that the subject was prepared with the inspiration of 'It could happen to you', a Hollywood movie.

Bhanumati (Sangeeta) is a middle class girl. However, she is quite greedy and aspires to move in costly cars, go abroad and live in a palatial palace. Her father Paiditalli (MS Narayana) marries her to Venkataramana (Venu) by convincing her that a police officer is like a mobile ATM and could earn lot of money through bribes. However, Venkataramana is not just a routine police officer but sincere. Bhanu could not realise any of her dreams and keeps on scolding him for not being corrupt. Venkataramana has a principle - 'A promise is a promise, a police is a police'.

Once Bhanu asks Venkataramana to buy a lottery ticket. After buying it, he goes to a hotel but could not pay bill. So he promises Dharani (Shabana Khan), the waitress of the restaurant that he would share 50 per cent prize money of the lottery if he wins. Miraculously, he wins the lottery and bags Rs 10 crores. As per the promise, he wanted to pay Rs 5 crores to her, which was against the wishes of Bhanu. As Venkataramana behaved like a gentleman and fulfilled his promise, Dharani becomes a good friend.

Some people in the media try to cash in on their friendship and resorts to yellow journalism. As they flare up the issue, Bhanu could not digest the situation and wants to separate from Venkataramana. The court believes that there is an illegal relationship between Venkataramana and Dharani and grants divorce. Venkataramana has an ambition to serve orphans. After the judgment, he comes to Dharani to apologise. The hidden cameras kept by the media to expose the illegal relationship between Venkataramana and Dharani reveal how good he was and also about his ambition. Though the Rs 10 crore lottery prize money goes to Bhanu, Venkataramana gets Rs 20 crores in the form of donations. Later, Venkataramana and Dharani lead a happy married life. Bhanu continues to mint more money with her intelligence.

The magic of director SV Krishna Reddy unveiled on the screen through a perfect script, fantastic subject, tight screenplay, and melodious music. Venu performed extremely well and showed very good ease in all the scenes. Sangeeta also did her job nicely. Sunil stole the show with the item song picturised on him, while his performance as an advocate in court scene is superb.  The entire first half was full of comedy and the second half was a little serious with court scenes etc. Comedy by Krishna Bhagawan, Brahmanandam, Ali, MS Narayana is worth watching. The 'Baagundaa' mannerism was a big hit and turned a catchword for the audiences. Another speciality is that the director gave a different twist to the subject in the climax beyond the expectations of the audiences that Sangeeta would lose all her property and apologises to Venu.

There is a popular belief that a person who committed a crime leaves one clue for the police. Like this though SVK is an expert director, he forgot that a police officer will not have any overtime and he can't earn any money for overtime. But the hero says he was earning money by doing overtime to fulfil his aim.

Cast: Venu, Sangeetha, Shabana Khan, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Sun

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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