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Badmashiyaan Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, March 6, 2015 • Hindi ]
Badmashiyaan Review
VRG Motion Pictures
Suzanna Mukherjee, Sidhant Gupta, Karan Mehra, Sharib HashmiGunjan Malhotra
Amit Khanna
Vijay Gutte

What is it all about?

Moving right over b-town routine rom com heads with its intersecting mini-montages inspired from the 2001 French sensational "Amelie" shot with a sort of documentary like one-on-one interviews between the story - copied from Woody Allen’s exceptional 1992 ‘Husbands and Wife’s format, producers VRG and director Amit Khanna’s debut ‘Badmashiyan’ also slips from the explorers of world cinema thanks to its juvenile approach.

Based on the Korean rom com ‘Couples’, ‘Badmashiyan’ fails to create any base of its own and adapt to the Indian mindset in spite having a curious plot but is undone by improper casting and uninspired writing.

The Story

If you have seen the Korean films ‘Couples’ then writer Kushal Ved Bakshi has done not much new for you.. even the name of the main protagonist is same... otherwise it’s a story of Dev (Siddhant Gupta) a cafe owner in Chandigarh has used all his savings to live happily ever after with Nari (Suzanna Mukherjee). Suddenly after entering the house Nari disappears in the mid of a dinner and a marriage proposal asking for bathroom break.

Two months later Dev has another unlucky bad day. Pinkesh (Karan Mehra) a friend of Dev's, and a stalker cum detective of Nari finds out that the damsel is planning his next ‘Shikar’ - the dreaded Haryanvi Don Jassi(Sharib Hashmi). Dev has just survived from charges on molestation by a woman when he visited his bank which gets robbed. A cute helping soul Palak played by Gunjan Malhotra saves Dev from the cops. Dev and Palak are about to have a coffee at Dev’s place and suddenly Nari enters looking for some of her stuff she had left behind followed by Don Jassi and Pinkesh.

What happens next and who is left with whom is explained in due course.

What to look out for

Those who have not gone beyond bollywood in search for their rom com desires might get some hook from this latest instant noodle type Korean import nook. Impressive performances by Karan Mehra.

Music director Bobby-Imran soulful ‘Ankit Tiwari’ style ‘Thode se Hum..’ number.. Though having an urban setting and a Haryanvi Don thrown in.. the movie is clean from any slangs, unwanted skin show and forced sensationalisms.

What not

Right from its juvenile approaches in narrating the story, improper casting - the main protagonist Suzanna Mukherjee is a misfit, Siddhant Gupta is below par, Gunjan Malhotra is strictly average in an underdeveloped role), uninspired writing, ‘Badmashiyaan’ is a dud and a good example of how to ruin a decently curious  rom com.   The second half does tries to improve things a bit but is unable to save this hopeless, tasteless rom com which showed promise in paper.

Conclusion: ‘Badmashiyaan’ is a baseless, tasteless and uncooked instant noodle type B-town hook from the curious Korean ‘Couple’ nook. Ruk.. Ruk.. Jaa.. na.. go at your own risk..

Rating: 2.00 / 5.0

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