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Baby Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, July 14, 2023 • Telugu ]
Baby Review
Anand Deverakonda, Vaishnavi Chaitanya, Viraj Ashwin
Sai Rajesh
Vijai Bulganin

Baby Telugu Movie Review

Sai Rajesh's latest directorial venture, "Baby," featuring Anand Deverakonda, Viraj Ashwin, and Vaishnavi Chaitanya in the lead roles, has created quite a buzz.  The film showcases Sai Rajesh's storytelling prowess following the success of his National Award-winning film, "Colour Photo." In this review, we delve into the plot and performances of "Baby" and assess its impact on the audience.

Baby Telugu Movie Review


Anand(Anand Deverakonda) is an auto driver who is deeply in love with Vaishnavi(Vaishnavi Chaitanya). Anand is forced to become an auto driver but Vaishnavi passes her exams and gets a seat in a posh college. There she comes across Viraj(Viraj Ashwin) and this ignites a new love story. Vaishnavi gets caught between two men and how she handles both of them without knowing each other and how this game of love unfolds is the basic story of the film.


Baby skillfully incorporates elements of contemporary love stories often seen in the news and on television. Sai Rajesh draws inspiration from these stories and adeptly weaves them into the narrative, creating strong scenes and emotionally charged characters. The film resonates with young viewers, who can see themselves reflected on screen. Sai Rajesh fearlessly tackles societal issues, shaping them into a thought-provoking story.

Baby Telugu Movie Review

The film's pace gradually builds up until the pre-interval, reminiscent of experiencing a captivating love story during school days. The well-placed songs add to the overall appeal. The story gains momentum at the pre-interval, introducing conflicts that leave a lasting impact. In certain aspects, "Baby" evokes memories of films like "Premathe" while effectively highlighting the mental conflict within the heroine, aided by engaging background music.

After the interval, "Baby" presents intriguing scenes involving Anand Deverakonda, Viraj Ashwin, and Vaishnavi Chaitanya. These moments are bound to evoke cheers and applause in theaters. The film takes an emotional turn, particularly during the song "I love you..." when the audience watches in silence, captivated by the scenes that follow. The climax scenes are emotionally charged, offering heartfelt portrayals of paternal love.

Through his characterizations, Sai Rajesh effectively represents society's dynamics and power dynamics, especially evident in a scene highlighting the treatment of women. The film's success stems from more than just words, as Sai Rajesh demonstrates his directorial grip. The songs and background music add depth to the narrative, while the cinematography showcases beautiful visuals. However, slight trimming of the film's length would have enhanced the overall experience, although the production values remain commendable.

Baby Telugu Movie Review


Overall, Baby leaves a lasting impression on the audience. Sai Rajesh's writing and direction excel in delivering strong scenes and a narrative that shines a spotlight on societal dynamics. The performances by the lead actors are fantastic but the pace of the film is slow and the climax is dragged. But still, Baby will connect with the youth in a massive manner and ends as a decent watch.

Rating: 3 / 5.0

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