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Baanam Music Review

Baanam Music Review
3 Angels
Nara Rohit and others
Chaitanya Dantuluri
Mani Sharma
Man with a mission
IndiaGlitz [Thursday, September 10, 2009 • తెలుగు] Comments

The film `Baanam' is all set to take the screens tomorrow and meanwhile, the audio release took place in a different manner recently. The music has been composed by melody Brahma Mani Sharma. The album has got four songs along with one theme composition so let us see how this has been.

Kadile padam

This is a fast paced song and basically it is a feel good song that talks about moving forward in life no matter what the hiccups. The music has been set well by Mani Sharma and the vocals were rendered by Shankar Mahadevan while Vanamali has penned the lyrics. There is a melody concentration on this one and Mani has come up with a good mix of violin and western instruments. This is a good song.

Naalo Nenena

Yet another melody that touches the strings of the heart, this is a romantic duet and the voices have been given by the duo of Hemachandra and Saindhavi. The famous Ramajogaiah Shastry has given the lyrics and he has shown the power of his pen using simple words and conveying the feelings of the heart. Mani Sharma came up with a good composition for this one and the beats have been decently placed which gives a good feel in the end.

Padara Padara

This is a high energy song and the team of Ranjith and Murali has given their voices to this one. The film will appeal a lot to the youth and Ramajogaiah Shastry has penned the lyrics that will charge up the nerves if the words are focused. There is a tinge of leftist ideology in it and Mani Sharma has composed this one well with the right mix of melody instruments along with a stroke of aggression. This will uplift the mood of the audience and is a high voltage song.

Mogindi Jeganta

This is a soft number and it is filled with romance and hope. Shreya Goshal has given her voice for this song and has given life to the number. Ramajogaiah Shastry has come up with a tender selection of words for this one and the solo number shows how the thoughts of a girl go when she is experiencing the feeling of love.

Banam Theme Music

A very romantic and melodious composition by Mani Sharma, the theme is sensuous and it mixes with a serious tone of chorus with voices by the team of Ranjith, Murali Naveen, Hanumantha Rao and they have given a very grave impact which adds a lot of momentum.  Krishna Chaitanya has given the lyrics and it has got a good gut in the music and the words.

Overall, the album has got a compact selection of songs and it is a mix of romance, energy and a fair amount of revolution. Mani Sharma seems to have bounced back to form with his compositions and though the feel has been quite soft and warm, he has also shown the upbeat pulse with the dynamic songs like `Baanam theme' `Padara padara.'. Though the songs are limited, it is worth a buy and will pass off as a decent audio treat.