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Ayan Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, April 4, 2009 • Tamil ]
Ayan Review
Surya, Prabhu, Tamanna
K.V. Anand
M. Saravanan, M.S. Guhan, Aruna Guhan, Aparna Guhan
Harris Jeyaraj

Suriya, who proved his credentials as a versatile actor doing varied roles untill recently, has taken a litmus test of doing a mass commercial hero in `Ayan'. In the end, he emerges out as a clear winner leaving his impression all through the film.

The striking feature of the movie is Suriya's amazing screen-presence. He is right there delivering his best. Be it romance, action or comedy, Suriya is at his crackling form serving the very basic purpose of purpose of entertaining the masses.

Cinematographer - director K V Anand had touched a sensitive theme in his maiden directorial venture `Kana Kandein'. `Ayan' too serves a purpose. It brings to light the pitiable condition of uneducated and poor youth, who are being used as bait by smugglers. Often referred to in Tamil as `Kuruvi', these men live a life loaded with risk. However the movie is not preachy as Anand laces right commercial elements all through.

A macho-man story, `Ayan' is a perfect summer entertainer. Though the storyline is familiar and oft-seen in the past, the pacy narration and captivating visuals provide the necessary pep to the film.

Anand's packaging of this commercial entertainer is sophisticated but would appeal to all sections. Reminding one of movies like `Dhalapathy', `Nayagan' and the much recent `Gemini', `Ayan' is a riveting and racy right from the word go. Produced by AVM and presented by Sun Pictures, the movie has magical moments enthralling audience.

Deva (Suriya) is a typical Chennai youth. His mother (Renuka) aspires that her son would join government service. Pursuing his post graduate course, Deva instead works for Das (Prabhu), who runs a smuggling racket.

A shrewd Deva is a carrier of smuggled articles bringing from abroad everything including pirated CDs of newly-released movies to diamonds without getting caught by customs officials.

However Kamalesh (Akashdeep Saigal), who runs a similar racket in the locality, starts to give nightmare for both Das and Deva. Keen to topple them, Kamalesh goes to any extremes. Das entrusts Deva with a job to smuggle diamonds from Congo. Intervenes Kamalesh. He sends his man to make Deva's mission unsuccessful. But eventually he fails. Meanwhile, Deva falls in love with Yamuna (Tamannah), sister of Chitti's (Jagan), who also works for Das.

Their rivalry hots up and a turn of events leads to Kamalesh bumping off Das. Deva goes on revenge mode. They sort out their enmity in the barren lands of Congo and a surprise awaits Suriya in the form of Narcotics Bureau chief Parthiban (Ponvannan) after he returns to the country.

Suriya's rendition of `Chennai Thamizh', his youthful looks and body language are the major strengths of the movie. His onscreen chemistry with Tamannah is good. Amazing to see Suriya performing acrobatic stunt sequences, who has been hitherto considered as a 'performing' actor. His dedication and involvement could be seen in every frame.

Equally appealing is Tamannah. Though she has no major role to play besides a couple of songs including one in alien land, she is convincing. Prabhu as Das is apt fit for the role. He handles the role with much-needed maturity. He renders grace and charm to his role. Jagan and Karunaas play the supporting roles well. Specially Jagan with his one-liners is impressive. Akashdeep Saigal, the baddie from Mumbai, lends solidity to the role. His dubbing by `Kolangal' fame Ajay is appropriate.

The spine-chilling chase in the streets of Congo, choreographed by stunt master Franz Spilhaus deserves a special mention. M S Prabhu capturing the mood of film in various shades and tones is a pillar of strength to Anand. Harris Jayaraj's songs are peppy. Watch out for the opening song "Pala Palakura", which is racy. However the real scene-stealer is editor Anthony. His slick work manages to sustain interest all throughout.

No doubt, `Ayan' is one more in the kitty of successful movies being belted out by Sun Pictures.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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