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Ayal Sasi Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, July 24, 2017 • Malayalam ]
Ayal Sasi Review
Sreenivasan, Kochu Preman, SP Sreekumar, Anil Nedumangad, Jayakrishnan, Divya Gopinath
Sajin Babu
Sreekumar, Sudheesh Pillai

A character that is a reflection of the contemporary Kerala and a making that toes the margins of conventional and experimental, ‘Ayaal Sasi’ is an interesting take on various issues. It has a satirical vein that is not forced or didactic. It does not strive to correct rather the plain acceptance is the movie’s usp. The character Sasi, with his flamboyance and a shallow outer shell is a pleasure to watch. The movie may be too casual for the liking of some, but the intent is noteworthy.

Sasi (Sreenivasan) leads a settled life with his pack of friends in the city with hardly any jitters. Even with them he has an air of putting on appearances. For a living he buys paintings from students of Fine Arts College for abysmal prices and sells them at high prices with his signature on them. He leaves the typical urban life and though he has place in a village, he has no interest in it. His life takes a turn when he is diagnosed with an illness which leaves him 6 months to live. Contrary to what one might expect, Sasi, though he wishes to leave a mark before he is gone, rather has an uneventful six months.

Sasi’s indecisions, his contradictions and haughtiness even at the brink of death have been conceived well. However hard he tries to ‘reform’ he is stuck in the rut of his own and society’s making. In the meanwhile, the movie touches on various issues from morality to religion and from caste to media sensibilities. Humour has been used in a different way. There is not that consistent flow of humour but a mix of comedy, tragedy and bleakness that is Sasi himself. It is interesting to see how Sasi becomes the movie in this way, with even the narrative becoming one with him.

We are taken through the ups and downs of Sasi and Sreenivasan simply owns the screen big time. What strikes is the sick look he sports which seems so very real. Not everyone will be able to see the satire in the mundane. Sreenivasan easily nails this character. The supporting cast has lend good support including Divya and team. A host of characters come and go. They all add to the movie.

This is Sajin Babu’s directorial and he has narrated the movie is a different way. There is no flamboyance or hard hitting punchy dialogues or satires that makes one roll. Instead it has demystified satire itself. The casual tone could however be off-putting for many as scenes after scenes unfold in this manner. The technical crew has stayed true to the character and the movie has been done decently.

A satire sans the preachiness, ‘Ayal Sasi’ is a good movie for the discerning viewer. Watch out for Sreenivasan’s sustained brilliance in the movie.

Rating: 3 / 5.0

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