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Avunanna Kadhanna Music Review

Avunanna Kadhanna Music Review
Uday Kiran, Sada, Pilla Prasad, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Suman Setty, Rallapalli, Duvvasi Mohan, Sangeeta
Lakshmi Productions
R P Patnaik
Avunanna Kaadanna
Soft and simple
IndiaGlitz [Saturday, March 12, 2005 • తెలుగు] Comments

R P Patnaik and Teja have been sensational campaigners together. They have come up with some of the more popular numbers in recent times. For his previous film, Dhairiyam, Teja had plumped for Anoop. For this movie he has, however, gone back to Patnaik.

For good reason, too. Patnaik always understands what Teja wants. So has he delivered that? Yes, yet there is a hitch. The songs sound very similar to the ones that have occurred in the films that the duo had worked together.

1) Avunanna Kadhanna

The title song is just like from any other Teja film. You have heard one. You have heard it all. On the flip side, it is still hummable and has an attractive lilt.

2) Gudigantalaa Navvutaavela

It starts in typical RP Patnaik fashion. And it stays that way. The initial harmonium piece (though keyboard is sued here) is almost reminiscent of Awara song. SPB Charan and Usha work hard to lift the song to good heights. They seem to have pulled it off. Kulasekhar's lyrics are fun-oriented.

3) Nelathalli Gundelo

Another mass song that will lift you off the chair to the dance floor. No great orchestration. But typical fun-filled song. Shankar Mahadevan who never holds anything back is just about the right person for such a song.

4) Nadume Oyyala

The song begins with an exchange a la Athi Hai Khandala song between the hero and heroine. But soon it becomes a typical mass song, like the ones that are usually heard in Teja's music. Partha is full-throated, though he is comes across through his nose more. Kulasekar has again played to the gallery with his lyrics.

5)  Anaganaga Oka Ollo

It is a simple tune that is kept neat and uncomplicated. The orchestration is not heavy or light. But just right. Though the tune may not be the most original one, KK salvages with his right tonal variations. Usha, who starts of the number, is also melodious. The haunting lilt stays with you for long.

6)  Malinamkaanidi Prema

Usha is just haunting in this simple bit that tragically takes off on the theme. It talks about the pangs of love. Pathos-filled and good.

7) Preminchanani Cheppana

Though there is little to complain about this number as it is melodious, the point is it has a Teja vu feel. Similar songs have been heard in Teja's films before. And that is its undoing. Otherwise Usha and Sandeep again deliver the goods. The instrumentation is also unobtrusive.

8) Suvvisuvvisuvvisuvvalamma

The orchestration is intriguing. It starts off in typical kathak dance style (heavy tabla beats). But soon comes to mass levels. The number reminds you a popular Tamil song that Ilayaraja had tuned several summers ago. Chitra is melody personified. Mallikharjun giver good company.

On the whole, if you have not listened to Patnaik before then this is certainly worth a hearing.