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Athu Preview

Athu Peview
Sneha, Abbas, Saranya, Vijayan, Aravindh (debut)
Ramesh Krishnan
Yuvan Shankar Raja


Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Tamil Comments

Sneha plays a girl possessed by a spirit in Adhu. In the first half of the film she acts as a blind girl. For the blind girl act she walked at home with a blindfold to know the difficulties of a blind girl. Not just contented with this she even met the blind girls in the convent and spent a day with them to observe their way of talking and mannerisms. With so much of homework she has done this role to perfection says director Ramesh Krishnan. The film will be yet another feather in the cap for Sneha who is very choosy about doing films.

"The subject and the role I am doing is most important to me than the hero or banner value.In that way Adhu is very different from others." says Sneha. To substantiate this director Ramesh says " It's a ghost story but it has no howling winds, woman in white or teeth protruding lady with gusty winds. All these effects are out but yet my film has special effects which will amaze you and scare you" promises Ramesh.

The film is all about a blind girl Sneha who is in love with Aravind. Sneha has an eye transplant. After the transplant she starts seeing  some events happening in some village. Lots of evil is taking place and she is able to see the happenings and man behind it. With the help of  Aravind she traces out the village and reaches the place. She tries to expose the evil practices done at the behest of Vijayan the village chief. Vijayan who has a grip on the villagers asks them to tie up Sneha to a tree in front of the temple located in a dense forest. A priest who is known for black magic conducts a pooja and throws fire balls coming from the fire pit. Sneha is badly scarred. The attempt is to burn her alive. Escaping from the priest and exposing him forms the story of Adhu.

Sneha wears contact lens in many scenes.

Cinematography by Senthilkumar, music by Yuvan Shankar Raja  and the film is produced by Vishwas Sundar