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Atharva Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, December 2, 2023 • Tamil ]
Atharva Review
Peggo Entertainments
Karthik Raju, Simran Choudhary, Ayraa, Aravindh krishna, Kabir Duhan Singh, Kalpika Ganesh, G.Marimuthu, Anand
Mahesh Reddy
Subhash Nuthalapati
SriCharan Pakaala

Atharva Movie Review

In Karthik Raju's Atharva, a riveting crime thriller, the spotlight is on the operational  dynamics of the clues team within the police department.


Karna (Karthik Raju) harbored aspirations of becoming a police officer since his childhood, fueled by unwavering determination. However, his journey is marked by a formidable obstacle - asthma. Undeterred, he heeds the advice of a well- wisher, navigating through the challenges to successfully crack the examination for the Clues Team, stationed at the Rachakonda Branch in Hyderabad.

Atharva Movie Review

The fulfillment of Karna's dream takes an unexpected turn when he is thrust into the perplexing world of crime through the shocking murder of heroine Joshni (Ayraa Jain). Eager to prove himself, Karna dives headfirst into the investigation, only to encounter staunch resistance from the higher-ups within the force.

The unraveling of the story delves into the intricate reasons behind this resistance, unveiling a narrative that goes beyond the surface. Enter Sara Varghese (Kalpika Ganesh), a key member of the Clues Team, the seasoned police officer Gnanavel (G. Marimuthu), the fearless TV reporter Nitya (Simran Chowdhary), and the mysterious industrialist Raghuveer Chandra (Kabir Duhan Singh).

The dynamics between these characters form the crux of the narrative, with each playing a pivotal role in shaping Karna's journey and the investigation at large. Sara Varghese's contribution, Gnanavel's seasoned perspective, Nitya's media scrutiny, and Raghuveer Chandra's enigmatic presence add layers of complexity to the unfolding events.

As Karna grapples with both the intricacies of his first case and the resistance within his own ranks, the story weaves a tapestry of suspense, ambition, and intrigue. The quest for justice becomes not just a personal mission for Karna but a collaborative effort involving a diverse cast of characters with their own motivations and secrets.

Against the backdrop of a murder investigation, the film explores the intersections of duty, ambition, and power, offering viewers a compelling narrative enriched with suspenseful twists and turns. The resolution of the case becomes not only a test of Karna's investigative skills but also a journey of self-discovery, challenging the status quo and unearthing hidden truths in the process.

Atharva Movie Review


Mahesh Reddy's narrative in Atharva offers a meticulous glimpse into the inner workings of a clues team within the police department, adding a layer of intrigue to the storyline. While the exploration of this facet captivates audiences, there are instances where the narration adopts routine and monotonous tones. Despite this, the first half concludes on a satisfactory note, punctuated by a compelling interval sequence that leaves a lasting impact. However, the second half sees a dip in interest due to the infusion of commercial elements, tempering the overall experience. Mahesh Reddy's screenplay and direction, though decent, bear the potential for refinement.

Karthik Raju delivers a commendable performance as a dedicated member of the clues team, his passion for investigation shining through in his portrayal of a police officer. His ability to convey honesty through nuanced expressions and emotions adds authenticity to his character. Simran Chowdhary impresses as the TV reporter, capturing the essence of her role with finesse. Kalpika Ganesh, in the role of a forensic team member, delivers a solid performance, while Ayraa Jain's portrayal of the heroine showcases her talent.

Marimuthu, in the role of a cop with various shades, delivers a noteworthy performance, and Kabir Duhan Singh, though in a significant role, leaves a lasting impact with his restrained yet impactful portrayal.

Sricharan Pakala's music enhances the film's emotional depth, with melodious songs that are beautifully shot, although a few act as minor speed bumps. The background score adds substantial value to the overall cinematic experience. SB.Uddhav's editing, while acceptable, could have benefited from tighter pacing in the second half.

Atharva Movie Review

Charan Madhavaneni's cinematography deserves applause, as it not only captures the essence of the scenes but also elevates them on the big screen, creating a visually appealing spectacle. The production values are commendable, contributing to the film's overall polished look. The dialogues, though decent, have room for more impactful nuances.

In essence, Atharva carries the potential for an even more compelling narrative, and with minor adjustments, it could transform into a cinematic experience that seamlessly blends authenticity, suspense, and visual allure, leaving a lasting imprint on its audience.


Atharva captivates audiences with its thrilling narrative, weaving in a few intriguing twists and turns that add spice to the storyline. However, the potential for a more impactful viewing experience lies in the hands of Mahesh Reddy, who could have elevated the script further by fine-tuning its intricacies and incorporating additional elements to heighten intrigue.

Rating: 2.5 / 5.0


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