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Asuran Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, October 4, 2019 • Tamil ]
Asuran Review
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Dhanush, Manju Warrier, Balaji Sakthivel, Prakash Raj, Pasupathy, Subramania Siva, Pawan, Yogi Babu, Aadukalam Naren, Thalaivasal Vijay, Guru Somasundaram, Ken Karunas, Teejay Arunasalam
Vetri Maaran
Kalaipuli S Thaanu
G. V. Prakash Kumar

Asuran:  Vetrimaran and Dhanush have a violent winner again!

After their violent entertainer Vada Chennai last year, the successful combo Dhanush and Vetrimaran are back with Asuran, the film version of Poomani's Vekkai. With the trailer and promos promising a raw and violent entertainer with a message, let's see what's in store.

Sivasamy (Dhanush) leads a peaceful life with his wife Pachayamma(Manju Warrier) and two sons Chidambaram (Ken Karunas) and Murugan(Teejay). Vadakooraan (Aadukalam Naren) plans to capture Sivasamy's land, and Murugan locks horns with him. Calamity strikes, and Sivasamy faces a huge loss. In an unexpected manner, even as Sivasamy stays calm, Chidambaram takes a violent route for revenge, leading to dangerous consequences. Was Sivasamy able to protect his family and the lands is what the riveting Asuran is all about.

Dhanush's characterization lets him underplay in the initial episodes, and after the subtle display of emotions, his character takes an violent detour, and from then it's a completely contrasting intense performance. Manju Warrier expresses well, and conveys the right emotions at the right places. Teejay as the vulnerable Murugan has a minimal screen space, while Ken Karunas is at ease and leaves an impact even with the mighty Dhanush around. Pasupathy, Ammu Abhirami and Prakash Raj are aptly cast, while Aadukalam Naren, Pavan and Balaji Sakthivel could have been utilized even better. 

The first half begins straightaway with a tense moment, and establishes the events that lead to the consequences. With Dhanush and Manju Warrier delivering understated performances conveying the pain and loss, the movie's intensity raises with the terrific interval block. 

The second half begins with a brief on Sivasamy's past, and what lead to his calm and peaceful life, with the representation of the differences prevailing in the society. Ultimately, the movie culminates with an all important message on how the fight for rights has to happen.

GV Prakash's background score elevates many sequences, and builds the momentum in tense episodes. Of his songs Kathari Poovazhagi is hum worthy. Velraj's cinematography captures the raw violence perfectly, while taut editing by Ramar ensures Asuran doesn't have any unnecessary sequences.

Vetrimaran has been known for his interesting, dark takes on the society and interesting protagonists with different fights in their lives, and this time around he has opted for the film adaptation of Vekkai novel. Vetrimaran builds the screenplay with thrilling moments right from the beginning, and maintains a suspense with the subtlety in Dhanush's character in the first half. From the interval, Vetrimaran's screenplay has enough moments to unleash the Asuran and the reason behind the calmness of the Asuran. The flashback is impactful, and presents the differences prevailing in the society that takes a toll on Sivasamy. Through Sivasamy, Vetrimaran presents the plight of the people who are suppressed and the injustices they face, to ultimately deliver a riveting message. With a towering performance by the acting Asuran Dhanush and great supporting acts by Manju Warrier and Ken, Vetrimaran presents a bloody, raw entertainer that has a sharp message for the society.

Verdict: Vetrimaran and Dhanush have a violent winner again!

Rating: 3.5 / 5.0

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