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Asadhyudu Music Review

Asadhyudu Music Review
Maharshi Cinema
Kalyanram, Diya
Anil Krishna
Valluripalli Ramesh
Run of the mill formula music
IndiaGlitz [Monday, February 6, 2006 • తెలుగు] Comments

After providing some good music for Chukkallo Chandrudu and Devadasu, much was expected from Chakri. He composes straight forward formula music for this album. Chakri's forte has been melody and there is very little of it in this album. There are a couple of numbers that would go well with the masses and the energy filled title number would be an instant hit while watching the movie and has the same potential as Chatrapati movies title number. Kalisina Samayana sung by Karthik is the best song of the album.

Shikadam Shikadam 3*  [Singers: Chakri Lyrics: Ananth Sriram]

Chakri has consistently been singing for peppy and youthful numbers he composes. This is a high pitched dance number and looks like its composed for Hero's introduction and the lyrics go on to explain the characteristics of the hero. The interludes have been composed well with fast beats and good chorus. Chakri has done justice in singing this energetic number.

Kalisina Samayana 3.5*  [Singers: Karthik, Kousalya Lyrics: Chandu]

This is a fast beat, melodious number perfectly suitable for Karthik's voice and he sings it amazingly with Kousalya supporting him well. The interludes are the highlight of the song which is fast paced with good use of instruments especially the flute. The part where the music in interludes stops into total silence and the charanam picks up is done beautifully. The lyrics are simple, romantic and very enjoyable.  Chakri has again proved that he is one of the best in the business for producing melodious numbers.

Rum Rum Ramude 2*  [Singers: Simham, Sudha, Tippu Lyrics: Velpula Venkatesh]

This is a folk based group number with good beats. The lyrics are very simple which goes on like "Rum Rum Ramude, Rowdy gallanu dandinche ro". The song is forgettable because the its only good in bits and pieces, especially the charanam is not good and not catchy.

Rakkasi Koralu 3.5*  [Singers: Yakhendar R Lyrics: Rama Joghaya Sastry]

Debutant Yakhendar sings this high energy, inspirational title song that goes on like "adaradu bedaradu chedaradu bigisina pidikilini vadaladu, athanokkadu anubhava soorudu,  aasadhyudu". The lyrics are very good and suit the mood of the Song and Yakhendar has done a wonderful job in singing this one. The song starts off like the "Odalu mannanta.." song of Iddaru. This song suits the situation where the Hero transforms into a lethal weapon against villains. Because of the nature of the song it's only suited for watching it during the movie but not for leisure hearing.

Avunuani Kaadani 2.5*  [Singers: Harish Raghavendra, Smitha Lyrics: Chandu]

This is a seductive number with Smitha singing in a husky voice. The song does not have any catch phrase or tune and is forgettable. The way the pallavi is composed is beautiful but what follows that does not live up to it. Since it's a seductive number, the picturization will decide if the audience would enjoy this one or go out for a coffee break.

Vetagadi 2.5* [Singers: Vasu, Malathi Lyrics: Bandaru Danayya]

A Malathi sung number has become common now a days and this, as expected is a folk based, fast beat mass number. The song provides ample scope for Kalyan Ram to show his dancing skills and would go well with the front benchers. Considering that every movie has such a song, this one is also forgettable.

Issa Item 3*  [Singers: Rajesh, Ravi Varma, Teena Lyrics: Rama Joghayya Sastry]

This song starts off with teen maar which stops abruptly and a short melodious flute takes over which sounds a bit Arabic. This is a out and out item number, however the way the song starts off has no relation to