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Arima Nambi Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, July 4, 2014 • Tamil ]
Arima Nambi Review
Kalaipuli Films Internationa
Vikram Prabhu, Priya Anand
Anand Shankar
Kalaipuli S. Thanu

Ok, you are on a date with a lovely girl getting up all cozy and what better than wine could get this scene creamy & romantic? And heading back home for a glass of vodka! Viola!! Could this get any better? Well, think again, for you might have to run behind goons, get chased by the entire Police force and get beaten up for good! That’s the unexpected ride that Anand Shankar takes you for! Vikram Prabhu has certainly matured as an actor, and here he is the stylish suave dude who rises to the occasion.

Arima Nambi Movie Review

Debutant Anand Shankar spans out a thriller that does not limit itself in building up twists and turns till the climax of the movie, not compromising on the action content as well. Starting off in Hard Rock café in a youthful setting, the sudden twists and turns lead the protagonist Arjun( Vikram) into a web of suspense as he sets about in finding Anamika(Priya Anand). With so many twists and turns, the little you know about the storyline, the better before you enter the movie stands.

Through the first half, the screenplay never settles down for one moment and the interval sign comes up before you think; it’s an hour and half already! Such is the screenplay with high speed chases through rugged parts of Chennai, some cliché thinking Cop ( Bhaskar), a villain who makes you wait to do a grand appearance and then the hero who is confused on what’s happening around.Kudos to the director on keeping up the visuals with latest gadgets and gizmo, and the lingo just appeals to the youth quite well.

If the first half wraps up with sensation and spice, the second half roadblocks briefly and then catches up the pace at the end. As is the case with all of these young film makers, they fall prey to improper song placement and strike the golden chance of winning the cup. Apart from the first song, none of the others make sense and jinxes the theme of the movie itself.

With all the high volatile chase and thinking, the director does do little to cream the romance which is quite appreciated considering the genre. A few of the search sequences are visualized quite brilliantly with keeping in trend the latest tech that Indian Police adapt and kudos to the director for showcasing that. Having said that, few scenes including the climax are almost a rip off from Hollywood movies and one could easily relate. The second half could have been etched out even better, considering the build up through the first was magnificent.

Technically the movie has a lot to boast for R.D Rajasekar has done a commendable job behind the lens in pawning the streets of local Chennai, the first song at the Pub, not to leave out the climax sequences giving a handsome tone to the finale. Sivamani might have let down with the songs, but his BGM grips through the fiery sequences adding the spice and tension right enough. With the help of some crispy editing, Anand has done a good job as a debutant director and has clear traces of his mentor AR Murugadoss when it comes to setting pace and mixing the right blend of action in a thriller movie.

Cast wise, Vikram delivers as the right man for the right job, with a whiff of dashing youthfulness and zest for action. He has worked on his body language heavily which has quite improved from his previous flicks. Priya Anand after disappearing through the first sequences plays a girl in vain quite well in the second half, and boy does she looks gorgeous in her attire, slang and role. The support cast fare off well in their parts with Bhaskar’s brief cameo laudable.

Ergo, an action thriller that speeds up, hits the bumper and then shoots off again! Good attempt by Anand & Team.

Verdict : Worth a watch for its speed and brilliance.

Star : 3/5

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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