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Aparichithudu Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, June 17, 2005 • Telugu ]
Aparichithudu Review
Vikram, Sada
Harris Jayaraj

It is difficult to quibble over  Aparichithudu, a film whose scale has never been attempted before in Indian films. It is a wide-canvas dream thought up by Shankar's sense of grandeur. It is a dream that is almost made a reality by the astounding histrionics of Vikram who comes up with a cracker of a performance in three different roles. Obviously, Vikram's make-up and the thirst for being different will evoke comparisons with Kamal, the point is both are jewels in the neck of Indian filmdom.

Shankar's  Aparichithudu is a spectacular drama that brings alive the growing confidence of Indian filmmakers and their ease in using technology.

The film revolves around Ramu (Vikram), a lawyer, who sticks to convention and rules. But he and the clients he backs are life's eternal underdogs. And naturally, Ramu, who has a crush on his neighbor Nandini (Sada), is not able to fructify it. Ramu's father (Nedumudi Venu) also tells him that he can't change the system.

So how does Ramu get out of this hell-hole? He becomes  Aparichithudu, the vigilante dispenser of justice. He kills those who doesn't abide by the system. And there also emerges Remo, a swashbuckling model who has women in his thrall. Remo and  Aparichithudu are mere manifestations of Ramu's Multiple Personality Disorder. So what happens in the end? do the police, led by Prakash Raj, who are hot on the tracks of  Aparichithudu manage to nail him? What happens to Remo. It all grows into a gripping denouement.

The film is out and out Vikram's. There is a new-found confidence to his work. With a National award under his kitty, there is more poise to his performance. He brings in all the minute differences that the three different characters need. He is suave, soft and violent in turns. It is a performance of dramatic intensity. Maybe, who knows another National Award will be on its way for him.

Sada looks suitably beautiful and is adequate in the simple role for her. She is positively radiant in songs. There is an elegance of ramp models in her in the songs.

Others in the cast  --- Prakash Raj, Nedumudi Venu, Nasser, Vivekh ---- don't let themselves or the director down. The film's other strength is the songs that are evocatively shot. Though Harris Jeyaraj's work will obviously be compared with A R Rehman's, the point is comparisons don't prove anything. Harris has done his best and has delivered absolute corkers.

Manikanadan and Ravi Varman's camera work is of the highest quality. there is not single frame that sores your eyes. Peter Heynes fights too make you sit up in your chair. The Matrix-style fights are captured with artistic clarity. V T Vijayan's editing could have been tighter. But that is a minor quibble in a big film like this.

Shankar, as a director, has got the best performance from his artistes. he has come up with a plausible story and told it in an interesting way. His picturization of songs is something that Indian films have never seen before. His use of technology is amazing. And he has quaint sense of art and sensitivity. What more can one ask of a director? Perhaps walk on water?

Aparichithudu is a tested story told in a gripping fashion. Any day, it is a far better treat than any of the mindless masalas that we are used to these days.

The director and the lead actor have tried to be different. And that is a sign of confidence and ability.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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