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Anwar Music Review

Anwar Music Review
Dayal creations Pvt .Ltd
Siddharth Koirala,Nauheed Cyrusi,Manisha Koirala,Hiten Tejwani,Vijay Raaz,Rajpal Yadav,Yashpal Sharma
Manissh Jha
Rajesh Singh
Mithoon, Pankaj Awasthi
An Eclectic Mix
Saturday, December 2, 2006 • Hindi Comments

Anwar is a strange mix of absolute delight and downright repugnant forms of music. And before going further I would like to say that director Manish Jha made a big mistake by letting Pankaj Awasthi spoil the fantastic work done by Mithoon on this album. For both Maula Mere Maula and Javeda Zindagi - Tose Naina Lagey are gems composed by Mithoon and sung by honey sweet voices of Roop Kumar Rathod, Kshitij and Shilpa Rao respectively. But whenever Pankaj Awasthi weilds the baton in songs like Dilbar Mera, Jo Maine Aas Lagayi or Mela one feels like switching off the cd player. Pankaj tries too hard to show off his classical and artistic leanings while Mithoon impresses with his simplicity and a sense for timeless melody. End result of this album is very confusing. I don't think it's worth a buy. But do check out Maula Mere Maula and Javeda Zindagi on radio for sure. And Mithoon..take a bow once again..

Ambience of spirituality wrapped in the fields of gold reeks of flute strain that mellows down into gentle tabla beats while Roop Kumar Rathod's polished vocals unleashes purest of thoughts with a lot of deftness. It's difficult to believe that Maula Mere Maula has been composed by a twenty something composer (Mithoon). For the dexterous ease with which he enunciates a complex subject is heartwarming. And the best part is that he doesn't show immaturity by attempting to be too adventurous. Why I say that? Well, he could very well have gone overboard by increasing the tempo midway or at the end of the song for showing off his finesse. But he doesn't. Sarangi piece in the middle creates a melody pattern which registers. Maula Mere Maula is a song that stays in your mind long after you've stopped listening to it. Play-it-again-and-again number.

Dilbar Mera by Pankaj Awasthi is difficult to explain. For it leaves you a bit confused as to whether you like it or if it leaves you a bit cold after promising more than what it delivers. Now, a competent jugalbandi between tabla and sarangi need not mean that the song has to be good. I don't like Pankaj's voice either. Alright it has pathos but the improper pronunciation of words like `ghum' is a let down. Dilbar Mera tends to be a bit too esoteric for my liking.  I don't think you're gonna enjoy it either.

Javeda Zindagi - Tose Naina Lagey impresses from the word go. Both Kshitij and Shilpa Rao may benefit immensely from this stylized composition which carries the Mithoon hallmark. Simplistic. Minimalistic. Yet very effective. Sedate tabla beats, sky high alaap that eases you into pious mode and salubrious lyrics by Hasan Kamal makes Javeda  Zindagi a winner all the way. Once again, I would like to say that Kshitij and Shilpa Rao are singers to look out for. While Kshitij may have a niche audience something in the Kailash Kher mould, Shilpa can sing all types of songs. Together they make this song a memorable number. Worth listening many times over.

Megha Sriram does a Richa Sharma in Bangla Khula. For her raunchy vocals are the hallmark of this average item number that banks a bit too heavily on the typical tabla, dholak beats and obscene lyrics. In spite of lots of improvisation, this one leaves you cold and hungry for the forward button. The dance mix of Bangla Khula is even more obscene than the original with lewd interludes and a disco beat. It may appeal to the truck drivers' crowd but apart from that the song is a put off. Avoid.

Anwar's Dream - A Symphony in Blue is an instrumental piece by Pankaj Awasthi with emphasis being on the extended flute playing. To be fair, the flute sections have been neatly arranged. Rhythm pattern is more for creating a holy ambience. But over all, this symphony doesn't give you an