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Annadurai Music Review

Annadurai Music Review
Vijay Antony, Diana Champika
Sarath Kumar, Raadhika Sarathkumar
Vijay Antony
An usual Vijay Antony stamp
IndiaGlitz [Wednesday, November 15, 2017 • தமிழ்] Comments

Vijay Antony is all set to amaze fans with his upcoming mass entertainer 'Annadurai'. From a music composer to being a mass hero, Vijay has done it all. All the more reason for us to find out if the much awaited album lives up to the buzz around it.

Composer: Vijay Antony

Thangama Vairama: Listen Here

Singers: Karthik, Ananthu

Lyrics: Arun Bharathi

Vijay Antony's opening track for 'Annadurai' album is a ode to his character in the film albeit a melancholic flavour. Thangama Vairama starts off with a not so impressive prelude that does no purpose to the song's character. As the vocals begin, you know what to expect : 'one of those' typical songs that tout praise and evoke empathy for the character that listeners are very much familiar with. However, Arun Bharathi’s lines have soul and meaning attached to them which might make this number highly listenable.

GST: Listen Here

Singers: Santhosh

Lyrics: Arun Bharathi

Fret not, this song is nothing about the much feared Goods and Services Tax. It is but a feel good duet that tries much and delivers less. Save the laborious intro with a 'musical howl' by the male lead singer, and you might begin to like the song for what it is. Arun's lyrics again come in giving a helpful hand to the 'average' feel of the song. Nevertheless, the song has its high points as well with pleasing inflections from both the singers. GST doesn't impress you the first time, but no surprise if you grow into it.

Odathey (Pathos) : Listen Here

Singers: Ananthu, Andrew

Lyrics: Arun Bharathi

Odathey pulls you in right off the bat. With a no-nonsense gripping intro music, the song rises into its best parts when a piercing male voice spews hard hitting lines about life. Arun is consistent throughout the album with his lucid and powerful choice of words which has given verve to this number. Odathey though the shortest track, doesn’t fail to pack the punch in it.

Odathey : Listen Here

Singers: Ananthu, Andrew

Lyrics: Arun Bharathi

Same as its shorter version in Odathey(Pathos), the full fledged song is vivacious, strong and piercing. Pace and power play crucial roles in making the song what it aspires to : a call to stand up and face your problems instead of running away. Coming off as an anthem for ‘redemption’, Odathey is primal, pulsing and poignant in its treatment.

Annadurai (Theme) : Listen Here

Singers: Ananthu

Lyrics: Arun Bharathi

Vijay Antony has woven an emotionally rich theme music that is finely calibrated and exceptionally crafted. The masterful play of string violins and the impassioned vocal rendition fits like a glove into the mood of the theme. Midway into the track, a medley of soulful piano accompaniment, string music, and vocal intonations leave you tingling with emotions. The theme music for 'Annadurai' easily becomes the best composition in the album.

Verdict: An usual Vijay Antony stamp with commendable lyrics