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Ankahee Preview

Ankahee Peview
Pritish Nandy Communications
Aftab Shivdasani, Amisha Patel, Esha Deol
Vikram Bhatt
Pritish Nandy
Pritam Chakraborty


Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Hindi Comments

Since ages, a triangular love story has been one of the most sought after subjects for film makers across globe. And if there is a dash of drama to it as well, the treatment and presentation becomes much more exciting. Vikram Bhat''s 'Ankahee', where he is supposed to be showing the glimpse of his own affair with Sushmita Sen, is one such film that belongs to love story cum drama genre. Coming from PNC who have always believed in making movies belonging to diverse genres, 'Ankahee' has some great soulful music by Pritam.

Ankahee is an 'untold' triangular love story of three characters - Nandita [Amisha Patel], Kavya [Esha Deol] and Shekhar [Aftab Shivdasani], who is the man trapped between the two women in his life.

It was a successful, simple, content and a beautiful life for Shekhar and his wife Nandita. Very much in love, this was a couple that was one amongst thousands of other simple couples found in every neighborhood. They also had a small girl Sheena who was just 6 years of age and had only her parents to look up to!

But would she always have a happy childhood for the rest of her younger years?

Because fate intervened in their happy world when Shekhar got in touch with Kavya Krishna. Not an ordinary woman by any means, she was the one who had men falling all over her. Reigning queen of showbiz, the choice of the glamour world, the female who would get media following her wherever she went, she was one and only - KAVYA KRISHNA.

KAVYA KRISHNA - The reigning Miss World!

She had everything that a female of her age would have asked for. She had the God's gift of beauty, the success that came from her own hard work and the fame that she accomplished at a young age. She had only one thing lacking in her life. The thing that makes a girl of her age most content - LOVE.

And she found solace only when Shekhar was with her. She was terribly in love with him. Love to an extent that she didn't really realize that Shekhar was the man who had a family behind him. So mad was in she in love with him that she wanted him to be with her at any cost.

With an irresistible charm and love that Kavya had to offer, it became increasingly difficult for Shekhar to resist falling in love with Kavya. And when this actually happened, there was turmoil all over!

Kavya couldn't see her man turn away from her ever!

Shekhar was willing to leave everything for her - his wife, his daughter, his friends, his work....everything else that was in his life except for Kavya!

And meanwhile Nandita? She didn't know what had struck her! Because she was an ordinary female who had never imagined that her love would ever walk away from her. And now she had to think of her as well as her daughter's future ahead. But before that she had a confrontation to make.

To make Shekhar tell her and her daughter every truth and make him answer all the questions that that they had all the right to ask! And make him confess to all the lies that he had spoken to them all this while!

A film about brutal love, deception, betrayal and the desperate loneliness that accompanies all the three, 'Ankahee' is a sensitive yet powerful story that should make quite an impact especially due to the reunion of Vikram Bhatt and Aftab Shivdasani in a serious subject after 'Kasoor'. 'Ankahee' releases on May 19th all over.