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Andhrudu Music Review

Andhrudu Music Review
Gopichand, Gowri Pandit, K Viswanath
Paruchuri Murali
ML Kumar Chowdary
Steeped in sweetness
Monday, August 8, 2005 • Telugu Comments

Scoring music for a film whose hero has an action image is difficult. It straight away cuts down the chance of melodies and softies.

Considering that Kalyani Malik has had a difficult task as Gopichand is a robust and rugged hero. But Kalyani delivers big time through simple melodies and robust rhythms.

1. Gundello Yemundo

Ranjith, we all have heard several times before, without exactly able to recall his voice. But after this number, Ranjith should come into his own. He and Sahithi combine with ease and elegance. Both the singers sound highly pleasing in this husky number. Kalayani Malik's orchestration is novel and inspiring. Though the beats are predictable, the song has a pleasurable feel all through.

2. Purushudi Kosam

The song starts off with a promising tipsy drawl and then it is left to Mathangi and Kalyani Malik to belt out a rocking, rocky number. It is not your everyday type of song as it has haunting voice-overs. The high-pitched rendition and the surprise in instruments hold the song together. A situational song that should fit in the film very well. Mathangi's rendition is full of energy and essence.

3) Kokilamma

The violin start is a virtuoso one and from then on it is easy for music director to maintain the tempo and tune. Though it has the flavor of one of Ilayaraja's old tunes,Kalyani Malik has packed in enough nuances for this song to hold its own. Shreya Ghosal seems to mix Chitra's exuberance and Janaki's lilt in her voice. An enjoyable number to listen to, especially on a rain-draped evening.

4) Pranam Lo Pranamga

Just listen to Chitra and you will understand what it exactly means when they say 'honey flowed into the ears'. She is given a full run to display her lovely lilt. The music, quite befittingly, is stylishly simple and simply sweet. The violin ensemble interlude is splendid. Just the thing that adds value to Chitra's voice.

5) Pari Aaye Paradesi

You were hoping that the inevitable Punjabi folk doesn't rear its head. But it does. Yet, Kalyani has masqueraded the overall effect with the use of tabla beats rather than heavy dholaks and heavier drums that are usually the concomitant of such numbers. Mathangi's zest and her rural twang and Kalyani's own voice come out nicely in this Hindi song. Mathangi in fact is a standout in this number.

6) O Sari Preminchaka

Kalyani sure has the skill for making an impression with his interplay of instruments itself. That builds the base for the singer to take over. And KK sure does. KK's voice is both sturdy and sweet. A combination that is hard to beat. In this song, his voice gets the right backing from a music director who has an ear and feel for melody.

Andhrudu, on the whole,underscores Kalyani Malik's talent. The thing is that he has not fallen to the temptation for high-jinks rhythms. Instead, he has struck to simple melodies and straight tunes. And that is a pleasure to hear.