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Andarivadu Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, June 4, 2005 • Telugu ]
Andarivadu Review
Chiranjeevi,Tabu,Rimmi Sen
Srinu Vaitla
Allu Aravind
Devi Sri Prasad

Think of the 90s Indian cricket team. And immediately you are reminded only of Sachin Tendulkar. It was a team of him and none else.

It is pertinent to remember that when you go to Andarivadu. Chiranjeevi is no different from Tendulkar in his prime  --- full of vim and vigour.

And it redounds to the credit of the man that he manges to almost pull it off with a simple story and a straight screenplay.

Chiru, emerges a winner with his bag of tricks as father and son. He dances as only he can. His comedy timing is just amazing. And he is utterly believable in sentimental sequences. In dual role, he is in his elements. The stand out performance is that of the father character, Govindarajulu. He is superlative, as his face becomes a kaleidoscope of emotions.

Govindaraju (Chiranjeevi), is a man of masses. A construction worker, he is a widower, he enjoys his wine and the company of Chinni (Rakshita). In other words, he is a lark who is unperturbed by the burden of life.

His son Siddhu (Chiru, again), TV reporter, is at the other extreme. He is responsible and more formal. He and a rich contractor's daughter Swetha (Rimmi) develop intimacy. As it happens, the contractor (Prakash Raj) just has one demand to Siddhu. The latter has to give up his father to marry Swetha.

But Siddhu doesn't budge, and this infuriates Swetha and she decides to separate the father and son duo. So she marries Siddhu. But does she manage to drive a wedge between him and Govindaraju. Or is the man of the masses the smarter of the two?

It is a simple tale that has no pretensions of any drama or intrigue.

The strenght of the film is of course Chiru. The film has all the elements to attract family audiences. There is a lot of comedy and fights for the youths too.

Rimmi looks beautiful and is comfortable in modern outfits and with more experience can indeed score well. Tabu, the national award winner, has a small role to play.

Prakash Raj does his routine stuff. The comedy track with Brahmanandam and Sunil are good. But again, it is Chiru who shepherds them.

Devi Sri Prasad's music is too loud and save for a couple of songs, they look repetitive and strikes the chord of deja vu in you.

Kabir Lal's comedy is good and the talented cameraman manages some splendid frames.

Srinu Vaitla seems too overawed directing a big man like Chiru. But he also shows the nous to come up with a wholesome entertainer without being too complex. The director manages to assert himself by getting Chiru in the middle of the things.

Srinu Vaitla doesn't show the spark that showed in Venkee. But Chiru shows that.

And this man can win any kind of match.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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