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Amma Cheppindi Music Review

Amma Cheppindi Music Review
Just Yello Media
Sarvanand, Sriya Reddy, Suhasini, Suman, Nagababu, Pavan Malhotra, Tanikella Bharani, LB Sriram, Krishna Bhagawan, ashok Kumar, Gundu Hanmantha Rao, Narsing Yadav, Siva Narayana, Bharani Shankar
Gangaraju Gunnam
Urmila Gunnam, KR Sai
MM Keeravani
Short & soft
IndiaGlitz [Monday, July 3, 2006 • తెలుగు] Comments

Keeravani is one music director who has managed to stay away from being cast in a single mould. He experiments big time. He delivers almost unfailingly. In Amma Cheppandi, he has avoided the cliches of the trade and come up with some new tonal variations. You may or may not like all of them. But the thing is that the music director has tried something new and has not attempted anything that will shortchange you.

Most of the songs in the album seem situational. That maybe a failing, but other wise, Keeravani deserves praise for his bold experimentations. The audio is indeed different, and makes you look forward to the film.

1) Vasthava Natho

A simple melody with the right rhythms. Shreya Ghoasal's soft voice and Harish Raghavendra's catchy contributions add to the beauty. All things considered, the orchestration is brilliant. The song gives a rock 'n' roll feel. But the overall melody cannot be gainsaid.

2) Evremyina Annni Vinaku

Bombay Jayasri's voice is unique. And fittingly she has got a unique nuimber that is haunting and relaxed. It is not your regular kind of song. The interludes and the choice of instruments are indeed different --- they suggest it to be another situational song. Jayasri's voice conveys the intrinsic sorrow beautifully. It grows on you ever so unobtrusively.

3) The Largest circulated

A gritty rhythmic melody. A simple ditty in Harish Raghavendra's voice. Again a situational bit.

4) Tirupathi Pechina Meesam

The music is Goanese. The singing is old-styled. But lively in the few seconds it lasts.

5) Entho Dooram

An evocative lyric is conveyed in minimal musical form. The song gets the right lift through some interesting orchestration. The symphonic feel reflects very well on Keeravani's instrumentation skills.

6) Matlatho Swatale

A husky, dark melody. Pranavi's voice accentuates the feel. The soft lilt also got the right backing from the music director. Keeravani has kept the effects simple and subdued.  Pranavi's voice is cool and sweet. A good melody, overall.

7) Amma Ga Korukuntunna

This is almost an old-fashioned type of song. A birthday ditty, the simple feel gets the right backing from Pranavi, the singer. The orchestration is old-fashioned (as the situation must have demanded it). It takes you back to a time that has passed by.

8) The theme music

Cool, brooding, haunting, soft, appealing, heart-touching, understated, melodious. You can say all that. A music that speaks in its dark silence.

9) Dot dash

This is big time Morse coding. As an experimental number, the lyrics in Morse, it is attractive. A short piece in Keeravani's voice.

10) Janaganamana

The national anthem, with an underlying instrumentation trying to convey some pathos. Hmm.interesting.

Overall, Keeravani has used a lot of short pieces. They carry a lot of heart and feel.