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Amit Sahni Ki List Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, July 18, 2014 • Hindi ]
Amit Sahni Ki List Review
Pyxis Pictures
Vir Das, Vega Tamotia,Kavi Shastri, Anindita Nayar
Ajay Bhuyan
Raghu Dixit, Palash Muchhal, Alien Chutney

What is it all about?

Having the heart at it right place this is a smiley move over chick flicks. Pyxis Pictures debut as producers ‘Amit Sahni Ki List’ (ASKL)  is cute in its approach in having a guy based sitcom but it has it shares of  ‘bees’ who while providing ‘honey’ of humour and fun do ‘sting’ with that predictable rom com thing.

But overall Ajay Bhuyan helmed ‘ASKL’ is weaved with the right heart strings to make you sing a duet with your beloved.

The Story

A reliable investment banker Amit Sahni (Vir Das) is hunting for a suitable patni material and for that he has a list which he has prepared after a terribly sad break up from his first love in college.

Having all the ‘haves’ a metrosexual male could dream of Amit life is perfectly set. After rejecting a few for being the ‘have nots’ in his list. A strange ‘Jab We Met’ moment arises.

Amit meets a perfectly opposite Mala (Vega Tamotia) who rubbishes all the myth in Amit’s list making him seriously think ‘opposite attract’ humorously hinting on the preconceived notions we have regarding our life partners.

Well, enters the like-minded Devika (Anidita Nayar) and now Amit is more confused.

Is there is any description for a perfect ‘soul mate’. To keep the love going why we need to ‘fight’ in between. All this is answered in a controlled realistic humorous manner which is sweet but in no way sugary.

Shiv Singh and Rohit Banawlikar pen this engagingly well for the audience.

What to look out for

An easy going engaging no nonsense sit com packed with brilliant humour Ajay Bhuyan Hindi debut (Dhada - Telugu first) is fantastic. Ajay and his writers keep it simple, realistic in conveying their story that travels directly into your heart. Punches like Amit rejecting his girlfriend for the love of Sachin Tendulkar and a break up consultant hired to do a presentation for couples who are about to break up is a teasing slap on our systems which has forgotten to think from heart and understand love. Ridiculing relationships to points and scores rating each other’s performance like HR’s in a corporate company. Brilliant.

Vir Das stirs his act with unshakable finesse carrying the whole film in his shoulders ‘listing’ it as a job well done.

Vega Tamotia Hindi debut is a charming and oozing with confidence. Anindita Nayar is good. Kavi Shashtri, as Push, Vir’s buddy is first rate.

Natasha Rastogi as Amit’s mother who talks in abbreviations is QG (quite good).

And last but not the least the pet dog Noni Singh who too enjoys some smart lines in the film.

Technicalities are fine. Production values are good.

What not

Palak Muchhal’s music is a letdown. Later on during the second half ASKL suffers from the mundane clichéd familiarities of a rom com. Ajay Bhuyan easy going satire handling doesn’t allow the pain of separation to set in.

Conclusion: Powered with great performance and chuckling with witty fun ‘Amit Sahni Ki List’ is a fresh cute little smiley for the ones who want to have a good sitcom fun with their lovely ones.

Rating *** and1/2

Rating: 0 / 5.0


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