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Ameerin Aadhi Bhagavan Music Review

Ameerin Aadhi Bhagavan Music Review
Jayam Ravi, Neetu Chandra, Sudha Chandran
J. Anbazhagan
a bag full of tricks
Wednesday, October 24, 2012 • Tamil Comments

Aadhibhagavan brings together Ameer and Yuvan once again after the success of Paruthi Veeran. It truly has some totally different tracks packed into it and is a versatile song. But will it be able to satisfy the thirsts of a regular chartbuster album. It's time we found out

1. Eisalaamey Eisalaam - Listen here

Manasi, Rahul Nambiar

A sensual item song, Eisalaamey Eisalaam draws a fine line between sensuality and enigmatic music. The percussion used throughout the track is pretty conventional but the violin stands out marvelously well. While the music does a good job for representing the naughty aspects of the song, a lot will depend on the visuals.

Manasi does a good job taking things totally on her hands, while Rahul Nambiar provides backup. She makes sure that the track isn't as long as it actually is. Snehan's lyrics are standard for this type of song, but somehow help in adding an Arabic touch to the track.

2. Kaatriley Nadantheney - Listen here

Udit Narayanan, Shweta Pandit

Starts off as a classical number, and quickly turns into a pathos number with Kaatriley Nadantheney. Yuvan does a good job of keeping the song in tune with the mood and slow pace helps the lyrics sink it better. The interludes are filled with strings, which help establishing more drama.

Udit Narayan for any song is a weird choice, but leaving out his pronunciation flaws, he is a valuable addition to the track and helps to add more seriousness to it. Shweta Pandit's low renditions bring more soul to Yuvan's music. Lyrics by Arivumathi work complement the music well.

3. Yaavum Poidhaana - Listen here


One of the highlights of the album, Yaavum Poidhaana is a blend of the styles we saw in two other songs - the piano-tabla combo we saw in Billa 2's `Idhayam' and forceful emphasis from Pathinaaru's `Adada En Meethu'. The mix up work really well and is sure to stand out from the rest of the tracks. The second interlude and the overall pace at which the song proceeds is appreciable.

Madhushree spills herself over this one, quite literally and is one of the reasons why it clicks. Her chorus lines where she hits both low and high pitches with different versions are impressive. Snehan takes a more poetical route this time around and although subtle on several occasions, tend to describe exactly what's going on quite well.

4. Oru Thuli Vishamaal - Listen here

Sharib Sabri, Shreya Ghoshal

Oru Thuli Vishamaal brings another unique composition from Yuvan to the table. It is made up of good portion of classical, hindustani and perhaps a few other genres and gives listeners an experience for sure. The percussion and chords convey a different message from the classical notes, and makes you wonder what the singers are expressing.

Snehan's lyrics are hit and go throughout the song. On few occasions, they seem poetical and flow well and on others, it's just a collection of short bursts of emotion. Two singers Sharib and Shreya make earnest attempts to lift the song up and will succeed on several occasions. But, you might want to hear it a few times to let it grow on you.

5. Agadam Bagadam - Listen here

Mohit Chauhan

What a complete Hindi song is doing in Aadhibhagavan is a question that we will leave for the director to answer. The beats appear more retro when compared to the other songs. Kind of club-ish, but foreign at the same time, it has a lot of compelling percussions in the beginning and slowly starts to get some chords in to help out.

Mohit Chauhan is more unconventional while singing Agadam Bagadam and sadly, it doesn't help the track. To make things a bit worse, the lyrics aren't going to make too much sense to the Tamil audience. But a film about a Mafioso needs to be exotic as possible and this track makes sure that one's checked off the list.

6. hagavan rap song - Listen here

The Prophet, Sathyan

Again, Yuvan does some experimentation and comes up with a rap number that's very different to listeners. While it has a good amount of traditional rapping going its way, it also uses some more Indian beats and styles to ensure it isn't way too foreign.

Overall, Aadhibhagavan is very different from your everyday Tamil album. It has a lot of new kinds of music to present to you. It will leave you wondering on a lot of occasions. Yaavum Poidhaana and Oru Thuli Vishamaal make for pleasant listens. The rest of the album, however, is up for you to judge. Yuvan has pitched in with several tiny additions, but when you look at the whole picture, you might not notice them as easily.

Rating - 3/5