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Allari Bullodu Music Review

Allari Bullodu Music Review
Nitin, Trisha
K.Raghavendra Rao
Loud,lively, but little lilt
IndiaGlitz [Friday, August 26, 2005 • తెలుగు] Comments

MM Keeravani always likes to experiment. He is one music director who is does not always resort to the equivalent of cliches in his music.Further, he has also been in good touch recently. His songs for Anukokunda Oka Roju are verily the songs of the season.

So it is with high hopes one begins to listen to Allari Bullodu. The hope heightened by the fact that director K Raghavendra Rao always manages to get the best from his music composer.

But when you hear it, Keeravani comes across not at his best. He has chosen some bargain basement tunes that are on offer almost at every corner. Keeravani seems not to have stretched himself much; instead, seems to have gone for the instant canned variety.

1) Andamantee Evaridhi

The beginning is almost a typical Keeravani as he goes for the usual beats that you have got bored hearing almost every day. The tune is also quite run of the mill.But the upside is SPB Charan, who doesn't sing much these days, and Sunitha are full of zeal and enterprise. They liveliness stands the song in good stead.

2) Noppi Noppi Emi Noppi

Sivaranjini time again ,folks. The raga that has beaten to pulp by almost music directors makes a comeback. And you cringe as to how long you have to listen to this weary stuff. The loud tune is backed by an in-your-face singing from Udit Narayan and Shreya Ghoshal. But frankly, they are not to blame.

3) Dashukunte Dhana Dhan

It is not everyday that one music director sings under the baton of another. But Devi Sri Prasad has for Keeravani. It shows the harmony in their relationship. But there is hardly any in the number as Keervani goes for the over drive. The ear-blasting music is what such a song demands and Keeravani has given that. But even in such a number, Chitra manages to show her essential lilt and melody.

4) Trisha Achata Ichata

Another of the typical tune that has been the staple diet of Telugu music directors. The humming is almost from a different generation --- when you wore bell-bottoms and had boat-like collars. Keeravani sings with gusto.Chitra is also at her best. But mere singing alone doesn't make a song.

5) Mogavada Mathi Poyara

Who is this Swetha Pandit, you will be tempted ask after listening to this number. She sings with an admirable huskiness and even though the tune has a heard-before ring to it, Swetha's freshness and flavor carry the song the off. But Tippu sounds pedestrian without much fizz in his voice. Yet, the song rises to be the pick of the album.

6) Ataka Meeda Undhamo

Do you likes lithering your limbs at electric speeds? do you want to shake your hips with intent? Then listen to this as Jessi Gift and Sunidhi Chouhan step on the gas and hammer out a testosterone-filled number.There is no subtlety in either the singing or the music or the lyrics.Everything is loud and lively. A typical mass number. You either like it or don't. There are no two ways to it.

Certainly not Keeravani's best. But perhaps he has given what was demanded of him.