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Allari Bullodu Preview

Allari Bullodu Peview
Nitin, Trisha
K.Raghavendra Rao

Allari Bullodu

Friday, September 16, 2005 • Telugu Comments

It should be one of the classical ironies of the day. Trisha is one of the most modern of girls. She parties hard. She speaks only English and she is comfortable only in modern clothes.

But the biggest debate in the trade circles is that whether Trisha will be accepted in a modern girl role.  So far Trisha has played only sweet coy (and cloying) village belle roles. Be it in Varsham or in NVNV or in the latest Athadu, she has been an innocent lass from the village.

So her mettle as a modern girl will be tested in Allari Bullodu where she plays the corporate type. She is said to wear the typical outfits and is said to have got an author-backed role.

She is pitted against Nitin. The young hero's career is at the crossroads of sorts.

Despite a good start to his career, Nitin is now in need of an urgent hit to perk up his anemic run of late. His last few films have sunk like an iron ball in water.Dhairiyam was a one big balloon of holes.

So Nitin needs this film more than one. For Trisha, who is on a romp with three big hits on the trot in Telugu, there can be no pressure.

Then there is the third heroine Rathi, who would be happy to get noticed after being in the sidelines for long.

The film is a typical K Raghavendra Rao kind of film --- full of romance and love. The director who has made a career out of Mills & Boonish kind of films, is venturing to do similar stuff.After the fiasco of Subhash Chandra Bose, he also needs a hit.

The music of M M Keeravani will hopefully add luster to the film. The audio is already out and the songs are slowly moving up in the charts.

The film is set for September release.