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Aksar Music Review

Aksar Music Review
Shyam Bajaj
Emraan Hashmi, Dino Morea, Tara Sharma, Irrfan Khan
Anant Mahadevan
Himesh Reshammiya
A chartbuster score by Reshammiya
Saturday, January 28, 2006 • Hindi Comments

Will Himesh Reshammiya do it again? That was the question on everyone's lips when he was roped in as the composer-in-chief for yet another Emraan Hashmi starrer after the super-success of their last 'Aashiq Banaya Aapne'. This time time around, the composer becomes all the more adventurous by coming behind the mike for more than a couple of occasions to hog the limelight as a singer as well. And boy, doesn't he deliver? A delightful musical score with lyrics by Sameer at the very beginning of the year, it's no surprise to see 'Aksar' topping the charts all around.

1) Jhalak Dikhlaja (Oirginal, remix and unplugged) [Himesh Reshammiya]

Does the song really need an introduction in the current scenario? A superhit song already, both in its original and remix version, it has a trademark Reshammiya 'sufi' stamp on it that has been arranged on a contemporary note. Couple it with western re-arrangements and the recipe is all there for a surefire success number. A love solo by Reshammiya, mere presence of Hashmi crooning the number with lust in his eyes for the sensual Udita Goswami, soars up the temperatures by a couple of degrees. Wonderfully choreographed, this well orchestrated number is already a rage. The promotional music video for the remix version re-establishes the fact that the song has enough meat in it to be popular for at least few more weeks to come. And if you are in mood for some soothing listening then play on the 'unplugged' version - you won't be able to resist yourself from playing the song on a 'repeat' mode!

2) Laagi Laagi Laagi (Original and remix) [Himesh Reshammiya, Sunidhi Chauhan]

With the movie's basic theme revolving around adultery, it is quite obvious that all [or at least most] songs in the movie would have a seductive appeal around them. After 'Jhalak', the following track 'Laagi Laagi' too follows in the same direction and has a forceful impact in it that brings an animal passion alive. The rhythm and a good combo rendition by Reshammiya [in his 'sufi' rendition] and Sunidhi [going westernized] coupled with Sameer's love soaked lyrics make 'Laagi Laagi' a song that one cannot ignore. The colorful cinematography with a power packed song picturisation on Hashmi and Udita ensure that 'Laagi' won't make people stand up for a popcorn break.

3) Soniye (Original and remix) [K.K., Sunidhi Chauhan]

Have you watched Udita's careless swaying while dancing to the beats of 'Soniye'? If no, then don't miss it as the very dance steps convey so much about the effortless display of love by the lead pair in the movie. 'Soniye' is meant to be a honey dipped song about a man and a woman in love and K.K. and Sunidhi succeed in bringing up that passion alive. Lyrics by Sameer may be as common as 'Tere Bina Meri Subah Nahi Hoti, Tere Bina Mera Shaam Na Dhalti', but that doesn't take away the focus away from the melody of the song. 'Soniye' may be bit weaker when compared to 'Jhalak' or 'Laagi' but still is an enjoyable score nevertheless. As like all the songs in the album, this one too appears in its 'remix' avtar and one doesn't mind giving it a hear again with an added assortment of instruments.

4) Mohabbat Ke (Original and remix) [Himesh Reshammiya, Tulsi Kumar]

After a couple of passionate numbers like 'Laagi Laagi' and 'Soniye', Sameer and Reshammiya get back the listener to the dance floor through 'Mohabbat Ke'. If 'Bardaasht' [Bobby Deol, Riteish Deshmukh] had 'Janaabe Jaani', then 'Aksar' has it own 'Janaabe Jaaniyaan' through 'Mohabbat Ke'. If the original itself wasn't a good reason enough for this fast on beats and high on pace song then the remix version [on which a music video has been created] is all the more inspiring decision to go for 'Aksar'. One of the most exciting numbers of the album so far, 'Mohabbat Ke' also