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Ahista Ahista Music Review

Ahista Ahista Music Review
Abhay Deol,Soha Ali Khan,Shayan Munshi,Shakeel Khan,Kamini Khanna,Sohrab Ardeshir
Shivam Nair
Anjum Rizvi
Scintillating Stuff
Wednesday, July 26, 2006 • Hindi Comments

It's Himesh Reshamiyya Once Again. But to be fair to the man-with-the-cap, `Ahista Ahista' is undoubtedly his best work till date. The manner in which he has combined the effervescence of the title track, the rustic beauty of `Awan Akhiyan Jawan Akhiya', `Ishq Ne Tere' and the rocking `Tum Jo Mile' is a master stroke. I've always been mentioning in my music reviews that a Himesh Reshamiyya film album impresses in parts but it is seldom sound-worthy as a whole. My opinion changes after `Ahista Ahista'. This man is a volcano of talent. I really hope that he shall cut back on work so that the novelty and the quality remain maintained. And if you haven't bought the CD of `Ahista Ahista' yet, then go and get your copy now. It's more than worth it!

Yaadon Ki Parchaiyan Tanhaiyan/ Tumse Hi Hai..Tum Dil Mein Shareek Hue..Ahista Ahista.Rooh Ke Kareeb Hue..Ahista Ahista..It's good to come across decent lyrics in a Himesh Reshamiya album. Irshad Kamil's verse is poetic-n-poignant. A transition from the autumn of love to the doorstep of spring, the blush of colours in the sky of life is a myriad canvas that inspires love in a relationship. `Ahista Ahista' is a soothing number that picks up the tempo gradually. The fusion of sarangi with eclectic western beats is the highlight of this song besides Himesh's emotion charged vocals. Remix of `Ahista Ahista' is a disappointment, for as soon as the song starts, there's a strangely vulgar moan elicited by a girl. The tone-n-nature of the original is totally disregarded while hyping the beat.

`Allah Kare' is another number where Himesh the singer is in full form. Even the music arrangements are a bit different from his routine songs. The Tabla loop gelling well with the electric guitar rhythm and a sarangi solo makes up for a filled-up-ambience. The Sarangi melody line is catchy. Lyrics are sensible yet again. And Himesh sings with a lot of passionate warmth and reverence. `Allah Kare' has a remixed version and an unplugged version as well. The remix is catchy with a happening rhythm loop and a youthful keyboard techno melody loop. Akbar has worked well on this club mix by adding enough reasons for the hipsters to hit the floor with energy. If you take the meaning of the lyrics into account then the unplugged version is the best out of the three. Electric guitar riffs create an ambience conjoining with the somber sarangi. Snare beats are the only accompaniment in terms of rhythm. The Unplugged version does full justice to the mood of the song.

`Love You Unconditionally' takes Himesh into the soft-n-soothing territory. A solo violin piece lacks the intensity of `Aashiq Banaya Aapne'. The keyboard mandolin section is played well, though a live instrument would have made the sound that much more fascinating. A good song.That could have been better. The remix begins with the sound of a helicopter taking off. Akbar takes the crowd on a trip thereafter with the dhink-chak rhythm taking over in style. Whacky fillers and Take-Me-To-Ibizza melody line makes this a happening number for the dance floor.

 KK is in good form in the folksy `Ishq Ne Tere' reminding you of Himesh's brilliant job in `Tere Naam'. The tabla-n-clap rhythm line reeks of rusticity as love sways from one tree branch to another. Jayesh Gandhi makes a sneak entry for belting out a classical alaap with aplomb right after the rabab piece. `Ishq Ne Tere' is the kind of song that doesn't try to please too hard. And that's the best part about it. The lounge-club remix of `Tere Ishq Mein' is a pleasant surprise. For it starts with a funky western rhythm line and a sensuous female chorus line that comforts you with its instant charm! The bell fillers and 70s style of rolling makes this version an absolute delight.

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