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Adishayan Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, April 17, 2007 • Malayalam ]
Adishayan Review
Jayasurya, Kavya Madhavan, Master Devadas, Srinivasan, Jagadi, Sunil, Saikumar
Gokulam Gopalan

Vinayan has been instrumental in coming up with something that won't go with the trend, but will definitely fetch him results. The latest offering from him for this Vishu Adhisayan is such a film, exclusively dedicated to the children who are enjoying the lengthy midsummer vacation.  And for the bigger ones, just be in the mind frame of a kid, and you will find the things moving.                                    
The film revolves around Devan, who is himself a child prodigy with high IQ, extremely brilliant in studies and other activities. He is brought up by Maya, a young television reporter, who works for New India Television. Maya, who was also brought up in an orphanage by Father Chanthakkadan, is paying back by taking responsibility of a few orphans, whom she has picked up from the streets and Devan is also a mischievous one among them.

Maya and the children get into touch with R.C. Shekhar, a scientist, who comes to live near their house. He is a world famous scientist who is even nominated for the Nobel's and is currently working on a project, which could make human bodies invisible. Devan who spends most of the time around his lab, finds one day that the scientist has succeeded in his experiments on the theory of invincibility by making a rabbit invisible, with a magic liquid. But on the same day he is urgently called to the U.S as his only daughter there, meets with an accident.

Maya has a friend and lover Roy, who was also a journalist, but is in jail now, being framed in a murder case by some influential politicians. State Revenue Minister Divakaran, minister Yunus Kunju, the Police Commissioner Shanmughan and the very influential Kuwait Nazar are behind Roy as he is the only witness to a murder that was done by the gang. The villains are now into making money by selling big lands to Dubai Company (suggesting the new Smart City deal). With the help of the newly-appointed Collector Anita Williams, Maya shoots on her mobile, a spy video of these baddies accepting crores of rupees as commission from Dubai officials, who are here to sign business deals with the State Government.

Maya immediately goes to her boss Radha Ramanan (Mukesh) who has an eye on her and shows him the clip. Radharamanan thrilled to get a scoop agrees to telecast it, after discussing it with the Board of Directors. But another newscaster of the channel Vijanan Koshy betrays them and let the baddies know about the video. They device plans to seize the memory card of Maya's cell phone which has the clippings. And for that they abduct Maya and manhandle the children of the orphanage. Every one knows who is behind the plot, but can't do a thing to save Maya and Roy as the baddie's are the reigning powers of the state. And then Devan, who knows about the invisible experiment, consumes the magic drink from Shekhar's lab and sets out to save Maya. The story that follows  tracks the  deeds of invisible devan and relies heavily on special effects,   and makes good company to the astonishing minds.

Master Devadas, (actually this is his debut film) who was seen recently in Aanandhabhairavi is appealing as Devan. Kavya Madhavan as Maya has done justice to her role. Jackie Shroff, who makes his debut in Malayalam looks aged but has not, lost his charisma, playing   R.C. Shekhar. Thilakan as Father Chanthakkadan, Mukesh as Radharamanan, Jayasuriya as Roy, Devan as Kuwait Nazar, Rajan P. Dev as Divakaran, Ramu as Yunus Kunju, Bheeman Rehgu as Shanmughan, Jagadeesh as the news-reader Koshy, Harisri Ashokan as R.C. Shekhar's assistant Damodaran are in their regulars but not so demanding roles.

Even though the

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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