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Adhinetha Music Review

Adhinetha Music Review
Sri Satyasai Arts
Jagapathi Babu, Shraddha Das, Hamsa Nandini, Neelima, Ahuthi Prasad, Ananthraj, Dr. Paruchuri Gopala Krishna, Chalapathi Rao, Annapurna, Krishna Bhagavan, Chitram Srinu, Prudhvi, Prasanna, Venu, Azad and Uttej
Samudra V
KK Radhamohan
Srikanth Deva
Tuesday, April 21, 2009 • Telugu Comments

The film `Adhineta' is being made under the banner of Sri Satya Sai Arts and it is directed by Samudra while the producer of the film is K K Radha Mohan. This has Jagapathi Babu pairing up with Hamsa Nandini, Shraddha Das. The music for the film has been composed by Srikanth Deva so here is what the songs have to offer.

Monalisa Monalisa.    Listen here

This has been sung by Karthik and Sunitha Sarathy and the lyrics have been penned by Tidala Babu. The music has been mixed with a genre western trendy beats and Srikanth is good at that hailing from the Kollywood backdrop. The words have sufficient mass flavor and this should go well with the spice lovers.

Premante Ado Idi.   Listen here

This is a semi melody track and the voice has been rendered by Kalpana. The lyrics have been written by Abhinava Srinivas. Kalpana has come out with an active tone on this one and conveys the feeling of love in a trendy way. Srikanth has come up with an apt tune on this one and this will find its appeal among the youth audience for the sweet flavor of the words and touching beats.

Amruthanni Atu Vaipunchi..   Listen here

This is being seen as one of the most highlight song of the movie and it has been sung by S P Balasubramanyam. The lyrics have been written by the talented Gurucharan and this is more of a sensuous tune that has been created by Srikanth with some fast beats and some traditional instruments. Every young man and girl should listen to this song to know the value of parents. The voice of Balu is exceptional to the song and it has got a good feel in it.

Arjuna Arjuna.   Listen here

One of the peppy numbers in the album, this duet has been sung by Saketh and Suchitra and both have synced well to the tune. The lyrics are equally spicy and naughty which have been crafted well by Gurucharan. The icing on the cake is the music by Srikanth for whom the fast beats are the strong domain. There is a lot of energy in this one and this will go well with the mass audience.

Janagana Netha..   Listen here

This track runs more on the genre of western tune with native flavor in recitation. There is a deeper meaning to the lyrics that have been penned by Abhinava Srinivas and a good thrust of intensity and passion has been given by Nagur Babu who has modulated his voice to suit the emotion. Srikanth has charged up all the hard instruments in this one and this is likely to raise some goose bumps in the theatre.

Adhineta (theme).   Listen here

With a good mix of instruments and a feel of energy, positive flow of music in it, the theme for the movie has been well tuned by Srikanth. The momentum goes high and comes down at key places and it all depends on how many times and scenes this theme will be played to add to the punch on the screen. This is more of a charger tune so the feel is quite good.

Overall, Srikanth seems to have done a decent job with a mix of tracks and though he has not focused much on the mass beats, the mix of melody and romantic tunes will score most of the points. Since it is more of a political thriller, the tune of the theme song will be the key to the movie.

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