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Adayallangal Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, September 9, 2008 • Malayalam ]
Adayallangal Review
Govidpadma Suriya,Jyothirmayi,T.G Ravi, V.K Sriraman, Manikandan, director T.V Chandran
M. G.Sasi

Hunger cooks. Hunger heals. In this intense hunger of mind and body, the worried love of the protagonist asks: protagonist "Why can't you try for something, away from here?'' Either advance in life fighting all odds or you will get lost '. It's a defining moment in a film that moves within a closed circle of passionate introspection.

`Adayallangal' the debut feature by M G Sasi is a worthful attempt resurfacing the theme of impoverishment and desolation. Based on the life and literature of the noted writer P C Gopalan (1926 -1974) alias Nanthanaar and his master work 'Anubhavangal', the movie is skillfully crafted with some great sensitive dialogues and good technical support

It's been a long time since I saw an art-house movie with technically superior, well-composed (even color-corrected) frames. Adding to it, the director's dramatic yet realistic narration says more than mere words. No wonder why this serious movie attempt bagged prestigious honors in the recent State film awards.

The movie takes a close look at the life of Gopi and his reasons which forced him to join the army. Gopi who lived with his mother and two siblings was suffering from ridicule and extreme poverty, due to the particular social sphere that existed during the war period. His only step brother Ravunni, who was already in the army, took little care in keeping the hunger of the inmates of his tharavadu, at bay. Moreover he was ego tic and cruel in more ways than one. Gopi who didn't have the luck for better education tries in his own humble ways for a living, but fails in all attempts to raise a better household and support his siblings. His only solace was Meenakshi kutty who relinquish his hunger of body and mind. She inspires him to fight the odds and try for something new, away from his native land and ever mocking relatives.

'Adayallangal' is not an obscure art-house film. It, of course, does have that art-house imagery. But it's interestingly blended into the pace of commercial movies, creating its own style of storytelling. The movie evenly paced from the start moves through the narration of the protagonist about his tormented past. Debutante director M G Sasi  proves himself to be a worthy successor of his gurus including T V Chandran in narrative techniques, but surpass him in  the  balancing and the  inclusion of  every imagery's  that go on to make conventional art house movies,  fetch awards. And we see plenty of mythical folk arts and the settings, and characters affected by alienation, wisely integrated into the scripts of a movie told about the life of the forties and fifties. The intense manner in which he balances this and also the depiction of the personal struggle and violence of the protagonist provides glimpses of a remarkable talent.

With some great performances from debutant Govind Padmasurya as Gopi and lot of fresh faces, the director is able to present the best from his characters. Manikantan, Jyothirmayi T G Ravi, and Sathy Premji bring up exceptional performances in brief roles.

M J Radhakrishnan as usual, is brilliant with his frames while Vidhyadharan Master's music and Shyam Dharman's background score also needs mentioning.

All in all  'Adayallangal' is a convincingly made movie that succeeds in telling a simple story straight. But the message hardly touches the society of our times, which is stripped of sentiments and compassion. And it struggles to communicate deeper meanings, despite a script pointing out its purpose at every turn.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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