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Adavadi Music Review

Adavadi Music Review
Sri Saravana Film Arts
Sathyaraj, Radha, T P Gajendran, Vaiyapuri, Kanja Karuppu
Bharath Henna
G Saravanan
Bang, bang, bang
IndiaGlitz [Friday, November 24, 2006 • தமிழ்] Comments

After Adithadi, the trio of Sathyaraj, Deva and director Bharath Hanna are back for Adavadi. The movie has just four songs, which are predominantly rhythm-infested.

Deva has sung a song himself and no prizes for guessing that it is a Gaana one.

The music composer has introduced newcomers like Sridevika Bharath and Malaysia Maran through the album.

En Anbae (Karthik, Mrinalini)

A soft romantic duet. Deva has gone the western way for this melody. A fusion of electric guitar and the classical veena, Deva manages to come out with a pleasing sound. A classical interlude on veena in between is a treat for  ears. It is a different Karthik. He has controlled his energy and emotions in rendering the song. Mrinalini is also soothing on the ears.

Thindukal Pootu (Deva, Sridevika Bharath)

This is a heir apparent to orgasmic frenzy of After Umma Ummama in Adithadi. Deva goes for the vaulting high-pitch.

He seems to have used all the percussion instruments in the earth as it is a raucous and rambunctious. Sridevika gives him adequate company. Sridevika's voice reminds one of Manmadharasa fame Malathy.Such number generally get a passing reference from reviewers but end up being played endlessly on music channels and FM networks.

Thisai Ettum (Sriram)

A song glorifying the hero. Singing paeans of the lead actor in the movie, it obviously had to be high-pitched and accompanied by peppy and loud music. The lyric describes the crux of the movie. With a high energy level, Sriram renders the song. His voice has a resemblance to Malaysia Vasudevan, who is known for such songs in the early 1980s.

Idhu One Day (Malaysia Maran)

A typical 'kuthu' number. Deva is known for his prowess in coming out with Gaanas. This one is no different. But a shrewd Deva has woven together several popular Ganaa songs here. Malaysia Maran, in a quaint pitch, has managed to do justice. In between Deva has used Punjabi Bhangara to good use.

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