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Abhinetri Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, October 7, 2016 • Telugu ]
Abhinetri Review
Kona Venka Presents
Tamannaah Bhatia, Prabhu Deva and Amy Jackson
Sajid - Wajid

Abhinetri Movie Review

'Abhinetri' is a formula film that intersperses the super-natural element with glamour, comedy and romance. Here is our take:


Krishna (Prabhu Deva) is a corporate employee in awe of trendy-looking girls.  A 34-something, he is a compulsive flirt who has been rejected by 32 girls.  He has to wed an off-colour "cow girl" (Sapthagiri's term to describe a dairy farming girl), blackmailed as he is by the usual suspect - that old-fashioned, funny 'musali' who is about to kick the bucket (you know what we mean).

Krishna with wife (Tamannah as a traditional, 'andi'-calling girl Devi) shifts to a haunted house in an old-style housing complex in Mumbai.  Days later, he is dumbstruck to find the unsophisticated wife transform into a brilliant, stylish dancer in a jiffy during an awards function.  As he is caught unawares by the character-switching of Devi, he confronts the fact that Ruby, the resident spirit has possessed the unsuspecting wife.

What is Ruby's design?  What is actor Raj Karan's (Sonu Sood as a film star) role in Ruby's unfinished agenda?  What does Krishna have to do to keep Devi in his fold?  That forms the rest of the film.


The tracks involving Krishna and his rustic family, including the drama queen 'bhammalu', are very good.  The comedy quotient manages to appear and reappear later, courtesy situational humor.  Sapthagiri and Prudhvi are OK.

Prabhu Deva got on board by accident, but it's difficult to imagine 'Abhinetri' getting this popular without him.  The choreography ('Chal Maar' and 'Dance Chey Mazagaa') scorches.

Tamannah gives a good enough performance, but it's her dance moves which will be remember for long.

Sajid-Wajid's music and Gopi Sundar's background music are a big asset.  Manush Nandan's cinematography ensures the visuals are apt.

CG work in the scene where Krishna tries to run away from the house is fabulous.  It's a visual treat.  Wish there were more such scenes.


The story was vividly revealed by the trailer itself till the interval point.  The story till the climax was revealed by a film or two resembling this film's story line.

The climax comes with a misleading scene (which would have been an anti-climax in a mature film) to make us conclude that the conflict point involves two bodies and three souls.  However, we are quickly made to realize that we have taken the story more seriously than the story-writer himself.

'Abhinetri' is in a hurry to please the simple-minded.  Thus, more screen-time is spent on Krishna's trials to find a modern girl and on the attempts to conceal his oil-faced wife from the neighbors, than on portraying the emotional catharsis of a sinless housewife who has been tortured by a selfish devil.  Such are the times we live in.

Ruby's lust for fame and glamour is portrayed in a sketchy manner.

Director Vijay's spirit has a conscience for sure.  But stretching the idea to quirks like Krishna and Ruby entering into a contract is frivolous.

Sonu Sood's character loses gravitas after a while.

Prabhu Deva somehow looks less-than-vibrant in his act.  Maybe, the role should have gone to a hero younger than him.


'Abhinetri' is lazy for the most part.  Banks too much on the dancing brilliance of PD and Tamannah, besides Vijay's Kollywoodish comedy delivered by Tollywood's Sapthagiri and Prudhvi.  PD delivers an outdated act.  The climax portions hold interest.

అభినేత్రి తెలుగు వెర్షన్ మూవీ రివ్యూ

Rating: 2.50 / 5.0

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