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US shocked with Abhinandan's evidences!

Tuesday, April 9, 2019 • Tamil Comments

Indian Air force wing commanded Abhinandan Varthaman in February had shot down an F16 fighter jet of Pakistan, and even as Pakistan was denying this, India had given the proofs in the form of debris of the shot jet. The jet operated by Abhinandan during this incident was a Russian MiG 21, and hearing this information, US government is shell shocked, as to how MiG 21 can shoot down F16 which is more powerful. For the first time, an F16 has been shot down, and that too by an Indian jet and this has sent US into shock mode.

A report by US Media that all the F16 jets of Pakistan are intact, has been refused by Indian air force, as IAF had shot down an F16 on February 27, though an US Media named Foreign Policy had quoted that all F16 of Pakistan was safe. In such a scenario, Air vice Marshall RGK Kapoor has said that there are proofs to show that the F16 that intruded did not return to Pakistan.He had said that the R73 missile launched by Abhinandan shot down the F16, and subsequently his MiG 21 fell after being shot by another Pakistani jet.

India accused that Pakistan had misused the F16 used to fight terrorists, and Pakistan had refused this, though India later showed the remains, and now US was confused as to how a low power MiG can shoot down F16.Pakistan has been always aware of the jets used by India and was aware that it will take time for SU 31 KI jets to arrive, and the Radar in MiG 21 will detect the enemy jets at a distance of 57 kilometers, and from rear, if chased, it can detect even at a distance of 30 kms. Even in 1965 Indo Pak war, India had used a less powerful MT 42 to shoot down F14 of Pakistan, and this shoot down by Abhinandan is also seen as a similar effort.

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