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Abbayitho Ammayi Music Review

Abbayitho Ammayi Music Review
Mohan Roopa Films
Naga Shourya, Pallak Lalwani, Bramhanandam, Rao Ramesh, Mohan, Tulasi, Pragathi
Ramesh Varma
Kireeti Potini, Srinivas Sammeta, Vandana Alekya Jakkam
Maestro returns
Tuesday, December 29, 2015 • Telugu Comments

Although Maestro Ilayaraja has been rendering music, on again and off again, for Telugu movies, it is this album that can be said to a concrete one that has something for everyone.

Piyush Kapur, Vibhavari, Yazin Nizar, Reeta, Karthik, Hemachandra, Chinmayee, Manasi, Ramya, Rita, Reena Reddy, and Aparna are the singers.

Rehman, Sirasri and Chaitanya Varma have written the lyrics.

Reena Macerena

Artist: Piyush Kapur
Lyricist: Rehman

The song begins with a booming musical. Ilayaraja tops the musical with his style of zooming music, in some places.  Piyush Kapur's vocals complement the style of music, with the singer's genre converging with the musician's temperament for this song.  Rehman's lyrics are easy on ears and being peppered with contemporaneous spirit, are immensely audible.

Edhuru Choostunna

Artist: Vibhavari
Lyricist: Rehman

Right from the instrumentation to the choice of the singer, the song is vintage Ilayaraja.  Vibhavari's vocals are reminiscent of yesteryear's singing style.  The song is a package that can fondle the memories of music lovers among Ilayaraja's fans.  Rehman's lyrics are a lilting evocation of poetic thoughts interspersed with romance.  All in all, this song stands out for its simplicity and profundity.

Tholi Paruvam

Artists: Satya Prakash, Vibhavari
Lyricist: Rehman

This is a romantic ditty with equal emphasis on lyrics as well as vocals.  Satya Prakash's vocals complement that of Vibhavari's and they both create a romantic resplendence that is hard to ignore.  Rehman's lyrics are, again, chaste and come with a dose of analogies and metaphors that are too profound to grasp at the first instance.  Maestro's music is outstanding in the way it gradually grows.

Matallo Cheppaleni

Artist: Karthik
Lyricist: Rehman

Lines like '..mounam lo aagaleni yadha yegisindhe..' come with evocative quality.  Rehman's lyrics mirror the poetic feelings of the boy who is in reverence towards to the girl.  This song has the Maestro marshalling his vintage talent and topping the same with some contemporary spirit.  Karthik's rendition is there to do justice to the serenity-inducing lyrics and soothing music.

Kanulu Kalanu Piliche

Artists: Haricharan, Chinmayee
Lyricist: Rehman

Haricharan starts off inducing the song with a terrific start and the baton is taken forward in the later part by the redoubtable Chinmayee.  Together, they render the song with tenderness and care, matching the meaning-laden lyrics written by Rehman.  Lines like '..manasu parupu pariche'  and 'chelimi jathaga niliche' are soothing on ears.  The Maestro's music is, again, vintage style coalesced into the trendy.

Okasari O Vayyari

Artists: Yazin Nizar, Reeta
Lyricist: Rehman

Maestro now chooses to blend his style with what is the modish thing.  The result is not exactly noteworthy.  Yazin Nizar and Reeta entertain with their electrifying song.  They together enrich the mood with their youthful outing.  Rehman's lyrics mirror the thoughts of two youngsters out to get the most of their time.


Artists: Manasi, Ramya, Rita, Reena Reddy
Lyricist: Chaitanya Varma

Chaitanya Varma's song is laced with youthful lyrics.  'Saradale' is one song that is exclusively dominated by female singers, ranging from Manasi, Ramya, Rita, and Reena Reddy.  The song stands out because Maestro rehashes himself in style.

Abbayitho Ammayi

Artist: Piyush Kapur, Aparna
Lyricist: Sirasri

The song is rendered to feel differently.  The song could have been from a love story directed by RGV.  Sirasri's lines are few but they make an impact as they are placed in distinct musical.  Piyush Kapur and Aparna fit the bill.

Verdict: An Ilayaraja musical that presents a range of genres.  While some of the songs remind us of the vintage Maestro, others give us a high, too.  The lyrics, mostly written by Rehman, are a treat.

Rating: 3.25/5