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Abbayitho Ammayi Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, January 1, 2016 • Telugu ]
Abbayitho Ammayi Review
Mohan Roopa Films
Naga Shourya, Pallak Lalwani, Bramhanandam, Rao Ramesh, Mohan, Tulasi, Pragathi
Ramesh Varma
Kireeti Potini, Srinivas Sammeta, Vandana Alekya Jakkam

''Abbayitho Ammayi'' has many attractions going for it.  Naga Shourya''s presence is one.  Maestro Ilaiyaraja''s score is another.  To be sure, this new year has got a coming-of-age plot in this film.  Told in a non-intense way, the film qualifies to be called as a musical romance with message thrown in.

Abhi (Naga Shourya) has a doting father in Murali (the veteran actor and yesteryear hero) and the well-meaning father has always brought up his son as a free spirit, insisting on getting the most out of first experience, whatever it means.  One such first experience changes the equations between the father-son duo for the worse.  In this roller-coaster emotional ride is involved Abhi''s girl friend, Prarthana (played by debutante Pallak Lalwani), who herself falls into depression after an unexpected encounter with her boy friend.  The rest of the film is all about how Abhi''s parents and Prarthana''s parents (mainly her father, played by Rao Ramesh) become stakeholders in their love affair, even as Abhi and Prarthana are involved in a complicated relationship as some other characters, exploring a ''friendship affair''.

Ramesh Varma of ''Veera'' and ''Ride'' fame has treated the story fairly well.  The choice of the actors was crucial for a performance-oriented film as this and in choosing a natural like Naga Shourya, the director scores good points at the outset.  Pallak Lalwani as a debutante has to work on her expression, which at times come across as amateurish, but she is likeable as a teen longing for love.  As someone showing tender emotions, she seems to fit the bill for the most part.  She strikes a good chemistry with Naga Shourya, but it is when she is all smiles that she is in her elements.

As story-telling goes, the film could have had many better scenes.  The scenes involving Rao Ramesh and her daughter need not have been so extreme.  It was not necessary to show the father dragging his daughter by hair in venting his perverted sense of anger.  The scenes could have been measured yet strongly convey the point across.  On the other hand, the scenes involving Murali and Naga Shourya have been treated well.  ''Kanulu Kalanu Piliche'' is a song that really stands out for its placement and feel.

Maestro Ilaiyaraja delivers a splendid music; some of the numbers are trendy and the picturization of songs like ''Reena Mackerena'' could have been better.  The BGM is again apt for the emotional content of the screenplay.

The second half is where the narration is interesting.  The proceedings have a refreshing feel about them, at least in some places, especially in the scenes where the lead pair are involved with each other''s parents.  The track involving Pawan Kalyan and Samantha (suspense for now, just not to give any spoiler) is dealt with well.

Some profound dialogues are reserved for the latter half, again.  Lyrics by Rehman need a special mention; laced with meaning and thematic content, they help lend strength to the narration.

Naga Shourya''s outing with a love story, this time involving parents in good measure, is helped by a good exterior.  The cinematography could have been better, although the lead pair looks beautiful.

Marthand K Venkatesh''s editing is fine.

If Naga Shourya is the film''s best performer, others complement him well, especially Pallak and Murali.  Rao Ramesh passes muster.

Verdict: A coming-of-age love story with an interesting plot and a fairly good narration.  Watch it for the lead pair and the theme.

Rating: 3.00 / 5.0

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