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Aata (2006) Music Review

Aata (2006) Music Review
Sumanth Arts Productions
Siddharth, Ileana
Devi Sri Prasad
Playful tunes from Devisri Prasad
IndiaGlitz [Tuesday, May 8, 2007 • తెలుగు] Comments

Directed by VN Aditya and produced by MS Raju on the banner of Sumanth Art Productions with Siddhartha and Ileana in the lead is all set for release on May 9. According to MS Raju 'Aata' as an entertainer like a moonlight in hot summer. The basic theme of the film is 'If you have the courage to achieve, even a battle is like a game. (Sadhinche Satta Vunte Samarame Oka Sayyata).' Sri Prasad who made his debut into films with 'Devi' produced by MS Raju, turned Devisri Prasad and there is no looking back for him from then onwards. For 'Aata' he gave fantastic tunes. But for one song 'Kakinada Kaja', though melodious to listen but appeared routine, all the other songs are quite youthful and has superb mass/ youthful beat.

Aata   Singer: Shankar Mahadevan

This is the title song of the film. The tune starts with a harmonium bit followed by bass guitar. The tune of the film starts slowly coupled with jazz drum beat in the backdrop. The harmonium bit continued along with guitar string music. The western humming elevated the mood to tap the feet. At the same time the literary values in the film are also great. (The bit being quoted by MS Raju whenever there was a press meet - Sadhinche Satta Vunte Samarame Oka Sayyata - is from this song only) The use of classical instrument like Veena coupled with guitar beat is a novel experiment. The lyrics though runs on a slow beat gives a good chance for dancing.

Hoyna   Singers: Karthik, Chitra

The song started with a folk beat. Music director made it a melody tune in a folk style. Rhythm by flute coupled with drumbeat with the humming 'Hoyna' is worth listening. Though the song reminds us some old songs, the movement of the lyrics and Chitra's melodious voice takes the audiences to places. Karthik's youthful voice is quite ecstatic. The use of violin song, and folklore drumbeat is foot-tapping.

Yela Yela   Singers: Sunitha, Smitha L

This song was also tuned in folk beat. It looks it is a group song. The song started with a harmonium bit. There is an interlude with classical tune humming. There is a good drumbeat and has a foot-tapping musical score. The keyboard played a key role after the first stanza. The drumbeat gives a feel to the mass audiences to dance to the tune. It is almost like an item number and the song had very good mass value.

Ninu choostunte.   Singers: Siddharth, Sumangali

With the inspiration of his hit song in 'Bommarillu', Siddharth had tried once again to sing this song. The duet is quite youthful and runs in a slow melodious beat. This song is also worth listening with trumpet and saxophone music in the backdrop. The guitar interludes and the drumbeat lifted the spirit of the youth. The song would be the highlight of the film as it has a fantastic youthful beat.

Muddulata   Singer: Udit Narayan

This number is also quite youthful. The guitar beat in the beginning gives a correct rhythm and the song runs in a medium-fast beat. Especially the keyboard tunes coupled with drum beat is good to listen. The guitar interludes between the stanzas elevated the rhythm of the song. The voice of a lady (probably Sunitha) in the form of dialogues hints that it is a duet, though it was a solo song rendered by Uditnarayan. The variety drum beat, coupled with shehnai before the second stanza is good to listen. Lyricist Chandrabose maintained 'Ta' as 'Praasa' all through the film.

Kakinada Kaaza.   Singers: Tippu, Gopika Poornima

This is a routine song with commercial values. The song was tuned as a duet with a group of dancers behind. There is noth