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Aanmai Thavarael Preview

Aanmai Thavarael Peview
Dhruvah, Shruti, Sampath, Dharan, Panchu Subbu, John Vijay
Kuzhanthai Velappan
Kamal Nayan
Mariya Manohar

Aanmai Thavarael

Thursday, January 1, 1970 • தமிழ் Comments

Of late Tamil cinema has seen a change in trends; while people still welcome humor and love themes with open arms, there is also a steady increase of fans for realistic ventures dealing with sensitive themes. One such venture is debutant director Kuzhandai Velapan's `Aanmai Thavarael.'

The film was certified by the censor board recently. Though the board stamped the film with a U/A certificate the members of the board seem to have praised the director for this venture. `Aanmai Thavarael' discusses the issue of human trafficking. Kidnapping has crept up many-fold as a menace, with anyone from children to adults being kidnapped for various reasons, the main being ransom.

Despite many curbs and checks at various points by the cops, this issue seems to be looming large and poses a challenge for the police. The scene in the film begins in Chennai and the camera travels to Goa.

`Aanmai Thavarael' sees John Vijay, Druvah, Sruthi, Sampath, Dharan, Panchu Subbu and Kanja Karuppu.

Though the film deals with a very sensitive issue there are other elements too, specifically comedy, that supports the film. The director has interwoven the script of the film with romance.

Director Kuzhandai Velapan, a fan of director Mani Ratnam, has revealed that he would do films which would be of use to the society. Let's hope the film carries the message well, especially since the unique script has raised the expectations for the film.