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Aakasham Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, June 16, 2007 • Malayalam ]
Aakasham Review
Harisree Ashokan, Jyothirmayi, KPSC Lalitha, Bindu Panicker, Saikumar, TP Madhavan, Jaffer, Niaz, Mammu Koya, Innocent, Baby Nayanthara, Baby Ria
Sunder Das
Mohan Sitara

Film making is essentially a method of story telling, but some stories linger in us long after we leave the screens. Aakasham is one such film essentially a powerful eye-opener to the world so close to us, a pointer to the loneliness of humans around. After watching the film, you regret that today's cinema has lost the space for directors like Sundardas. Though the film is not very 'entertaining,' it is worth watching for a serious movie buff.

The film has Harishree Ashokan donning the lead role of a mechanic. Manoharan is a representative of the middle class men, who strives to attain the very little ambitions that he and his family share. He is a simple man, a mechanic in the Hyundai Company, who lives with his wife Bhanu, two daughters and mother in a rented house. All he dreamed was to buy three cents of land and a house in the city premises for his family. His life is devoted to the well being of his family who loves him more than any thing. With little friends, and a little suspicion and curiosity on all that happenings around him, he is a disciplined man who wants to live all by himself.

After finding a property with the help of his Friends, Mammali and Biju, Manoharan goes to Chavakkad to arrange some money as advance for buying the property. The life of our protagonist takes a new turn as terrorists set off a bomb at the Guruvayoor railway station, on the same day when Manoharan was in Chavakkad. Manoharan too reads about the incident from the newspaper, but his friends find something special about the caricature made by the police about the possible suspect, based on eyewitness reports. The picture that appeared in the front page of newspapers closely resembled Manoharan. People started accusing fingers at him, as they found something mysterious about his activities, there after.   

Manoharan, instead of clearing off the growing doubts, tries to evade the possible situations.  As more and more public and police came up with suspicions, he falls into anxiety syndrome and shows signs of Schizophrenia. He is reluctant to share the confusions even his family to evade the public, he elopes from the city, which adds more doubts in the minds of Police. But as the investigation by Dy S P Raghu Nandhan continues, Manoharan too is bugged by self-doubt. His task to clear off becomes even more difficult as his own personal life looks headed for serious troubles as Manoharan also starts doubting himself.  The film revolves around the impact that a smaller incident can make on the life of a carefully living man and his family. 
Sundardas, who directed trendsetters like Sallapam, makes a comeback with the film which is a clean entertainer A. Rasaaq has once again come up with an interesting plot and has deftly handled the script. Known to be the best dialogue writer around, he assists his director in maintaintaining an energetic pace throughout, and ensures the story doesn't become monotonous or conventional. And he has shared a lot of societal curiosities through his characters, who are distinctly human with myriad personality flaws, so that the audience can identify with them. 

Harishree Ashokan plays the lead role of deeply troubled Manoharan, who has to fight more demons from his inner self than his society. He tries his best to convey relentlessly his fears, apprehensions and his own sense that he is doomed. Watch out for him, towards the end of the film, where he acquires a new dimension, in performing as a thoroughly confused and frightened sick person.

Jyorthirmayi essays the role of Bhanu with ease.  Innocent as M.D of showroom Varghese Abraham and Saikumar as Dy.S.P.  is convincing.,  K.P.A.C Lalitha, Mamukoya, Niyaas, Anil Murali, Baby Nayantara, Baby Ria and Bindhu Panikkar are also in the cast.  Most of these seasoned a

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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