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Aadikeshava Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, November 24, 2023 • Telugu ]
Aadikeshava Review
Sithara Entertainments, Fortune Four Cinemas
Panja Vaisshnav Tej, Sreeleela, Joju George, Aparna Das
Srikanth N Reddy
S Naga Vamsi, Sai Soujanya
GV Prakash Kumar

Aadikeshava Movie Review

Following the sensation of his debut film, Uppena, Vaisshnav Tej is gearing up to captivate audiences once again with Aadikeshava. Despite the lackluster performance in subsequent ventures, the anticipation is high as he embarks on a new cinematic journey, sharing the screen with the captivating Sreeleela as the female lead, a pairing that undoubtedly adds to the film's allure. Movie enthusiasts eagerly await to witness their on-screen chemistry in Aadikeshava.

Aadikeshava Movie Review


Balu (Panja Vaishnav Tej) cherishes a content life in Hyderabad with his parents (Jayaprakash and Radhika Sarathkumar). His world takes a surprising turn when he falls in love with Siri (Sreeleela), a colleague at his workplace. However, the tranquility of his existence shatters, propelling Balu on a mission to unravel his mysterious connection to Brahmasamduram.

As the narrative unfolds, the intriguing story explores the intricate ties between Balu and Brahmasamudram, delving into the roles of key characters such as Mahakaleshwar Reddy (Suman), Vajra (Aparna Das), Chenga Reddy (Joju George), and the enigmatic Rudrakaleshwar Reddy. The journey to uncover these connections forms the crux of this engaging and suspenseful tale.

Aadikeshava Movie Review


Panja Vaishnav Tej invested significant effort into his role, portraying a rugged look with commendable expressions and emotions. His dance sequences and high-energy stunts showcased his versatility, while his dialogue delivery remained on point. However, occasional lapses into expressionlessness detracted slightly from his overall performance. Sreeleela, on the other hand, set the screen ablaze with her captivating presence, stealing hearts with glamorous scenes and mesmerizing dance moves. Her energy and adorable expressions added an undeniable charm to the film.

Aadikeshava Movie Review

Joju George, making his debut, delivered a convincing performance as the menacing antagonist, instilling fear with his looks and on-screen presence. Sudarshan portrayed the role of a friend effectively, while Radhika Sarathkumar and Tanikella Bharani contributed fine performances. Aparna Das and Sadaf, although limited in screen time, portrayed the anguish of women tormented by the antagonist convincingly.

Srikanth N Reddy crafted a story laden with commercial elements to elevate Vaishnav Tej's heroism. However, the screenplay and direction, while predictable throughout, included numerous over-the-top action sequences that did not align seamlessly with Vaishnav Tej's style. The excessive violence, though intended for impact, did not resonate as intended, and a refined script could have enhanced the overall output.

Aadikeshava Movie Review

GV.Prakash Kumar's foot-tapping beats for the songs, complemented by beautiful choreography and well-shot sequences, added vibrancy to the film. However, a couple of songs acted as speed bumps. The background score, while elevating scenes, occasionally bordered on being loud. Navin Nuli's editing, while generally okay, could have been more polished in the second half to alleviate routine elements. Dudley's cinematography, especially in temple and mining scenes, differentiated between the village atmosphere and urban settings effectively. The production values stood at a commendable level.

Aadikeshava Movie Review


Aadikeshava unfolds as a familiar mass masala entertainer. Srikanth N Reddy, to a certain degree, succeeded in amplifying Vaishnav Tej's heroism within the masses. However, the film's predictability and inclusion of over-the-top scenes somewhat diluted the impact of his efforts.

Rating: 2.5 / 5.0

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