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Aadhi Lakshmi Music Review

Aadhi Lakshmi Music Review
Viswak Movies
Srikanth, Naveen Vadde, Sridevi, Nutan Prasad, Ali, Mallikarjuna Rao, Prithvi, Kadambari Kiran, Sivajiraja, Raghubabu, Raghunatha Reddy, Jenny, Lakshmipati, Narsing Yadav, Uttej, Chakri (special appearance) Purnima, Sudha, Sana, Ragini, Abhinayasri
RV Suresh
Y Suresh
A mix of melody and mass beat
IndiaGlitz [Thursday, October 19, 2006 • తెలుగు] Comments

With Srikanth, Vadde Naveen and Sridevi in the lead 'Aadhi Lakshmi' is an interesting triangle love story, which was revealed with several right ingredients. Srikanth had already mastered in acting such triangular plots and is comfortable in his role. In the absence of notable hits, Srikanth is struggling hard to make this film a big hit and Naveen too is hoping to get a new lease of life with this flick. Sridevi, who had a bright lineage, has an enigmatic career. She has everything going for her - looks talent and backing. Srikanth says, 'It has a new feel and a new treatment' and Naveen echoes a similar view. Chakri's music has a fine mix of melody and mass beats. Though a couple of songs resemble old tunes, Chakri's music gave them a fresh feel. In total the album could be said as an above average and one had to wait and watch how they were presented on the screen.

Naa Cellphone Nuvve.  Singers: Ravivarma, Kausalya Lyricist: Varikuppala

This is a fast number from Chakri. The lyric has a good mix of English and Telugu words. The lyricist touched several things in his song including electronic gadgets, modern communication techniques, and latest Hollywood film characters and at the same time he ensured the song to be a bit romantic as well. He maintained good rhythm in his verse which made the music director to tune the song in a quite easy manner. Chakri gave music beat that suits the rhythm in the song and Ravivarma and Kausalya rendered with a balanced voice. A foot tapping song and is good to listen especially by the youth.

Rojuko Muddu..  Singer: Vijayalakshmi Lyricist: Bhaskarabhatla

A romantic number rendered by Vijayalakshmi. Chakri tuned it in a husky way. Yet another fast number in the album. Use of electronic guitar and violin had elevated the mood in the song. Humming in the backdrop in the interludes was apt for the song. One would get a romantic mood while listening to the song. However, the song begins slowly and picked up speed which spoiled the sweetness and huskiness to certain extent. An average number, which reminds us of the old melodious voice of yesteryears singer LR Eswari.

Love You Lolly Papa.  Singers: Chakri, Kausalya Lyricist: Kandikonda

This number has a little mix of melody and romance. Chakri himself rendered the song along with Kausalya as he must have felt that he only could express the feel in the lyric, which he tuned. Use of keyboard, guitar and drums made the song a little foot-tapping. Chakri ensured that the music did not dominate the lyric to leave the romantic feel in the listeners. Kandikonda should be appreciated for penning a number which has a good mix of love and romance.

Jil Jil Prema Singers: Hemachandra, Kausalya Lyricist: Peddada Murthy

Though sounds a little old, the song was tuned with a mix of melody and fast beat. By using a variety of instruments gave a chance for foot-tapping and Hemachandra and Kausalya both rendered the song in a right sync and made the song attractive to youth. Especially humming in between the stanzas gives them a scope for shaking their legs. However, as said earlier, the audiences get a feel that the tune was heard sometime and somewhere else.

Intha Kalamu Yekkada Vundo Singers: Venu, Sudha Lyricist: Bhuvanachandra

It is a romantic number. There is a good rhythm with the drums all through the song. At the same time, the use of key board at appropriate time, with guitar interludes made the song a little more interesting and use of tabla also helped in elevating the mood in the song. The modern hum that comes between the stanzas and t