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Aacharya Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, July 6, 2006 • Tamil ]
Aacharya Review
ITA Films
Vignesh, Divya, Nasser
SN. Raja, E. Chitra, Uma Maheswari
Srikanth Deva

Debutant director Ravi has made his mentor Bala proud by giving a gripping tale of a Brahmin youth forced to wield the knife influenced by his situation and surroundings.  The director has succeeded in bringing out the right emotions and tie down the audience to their seats.

Ravi seems to had his early lessons well under Bala and the result is evident in Aacharya. Vignesh, whose career hinges on the movie's response at the box office, has given his heart-out playing Brahmin boy (Yadhunandhan). After a long gap, the likes of Nasser and Charanraj get more screen space and have played their part well.

Yadhunandhan is born in a poor 'Unchavrithi' Brahmin family, who earn their livelihood by taking alms. Yadhunandhan gets the acquaintance of a Muslim priest. Eventually their neighbors ridicule his family for the act of Yadhunandhan. Following the death of his parents, Yadhunandhan goes to Madurai in search of a job.

Yadhunandhan does menial jobs in a police station and gets his daily food. Situation forces the inspector there to plead Yadhunandhan to accept a crime that he has not committed. Having faith in his words, he goes to prison. He comes across a jail mate Kokki (Kanja Karuppu), who advices him to stay away from police. He helps him in meeting Mayakka (Vadivukarasi), a good-hearted local 'dadha'. Yadhunandhan's spiritual ways and kind words inspire Mayakka. She provides him a place to live and helps him in getting a job. Mayakka along with six others work for local big wig Annavi Thevar (Nasser). An influential man, he controls all activities in the locality.

Yadhunandhan comes cross Devakosa Mangai (Dhivya) and falls in love with her. He even helps her in getting selected as police officer with the help of Annaavi Thevar. Enters a honest cop Thiruvasagam (Charanraj). He is committed to end the activities of Annavi Thevar.

Meanwhile, difference of opinion forces a gangster to murder Mayakka. An agitated Yadhunandhan is forced to wield the knife to take revenge on her killers. Coming to know of the true colour of Annavi Thevar, he targets him next. Meanwhile the police are on his trail.

It's a subtle play by Vignesh. His transformation from a god-fearing youth to an angry man on a revenge spree has been narrated well. Debutant Dhiya looks girl next-door. Nasser as dreadful Annavi Thevar is impressive. However, the pick has been Vadivukkarsi as Mayakka. She has played her part well.

The movie also features Thennavan, Devan, Kanja Karuppu.

Another highlight is Srikanth Deva's music. Otherwise known for his racy numbers, Srikanth has managed to render soft melodies. His re-recording with no use of jarring instruments adds sheen to Aacharya.

Ravi has proved that he has the fire in him to make offbeat entertainers. A welcome addition to the directors keen on rendering movies on new themes.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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